8 Card Games That Have Been Up For Over Two Decades And Are Still Popular

8 Card Games That Have Been Up For Over Two Decades And Are Still Popular ...

As gaming progresses, and technology advances to a new level, the world of gaming also changes. At one point in time, we as gamers were satisfied with playing games revolving around moving monochromatic pieces across a wooden board. Despite its complexity, there is now one type of game that remains the same.

Card games have existed for centuries. From Karnoffel to Red Dragon Inn, they continue to be developed and launched at a frequency that puts even video games to shame. Despite the fact that a large number of these types of games have failed to succeed, here are several that have not only remained popular.

8 Settlers Of Catan: Card Game (1996)

This is the popular Settlers Of Catan card game adaptation, initially developed by Klaus Teuber for two players in a tournament-style format, but since then seven expansions have been launched, all of which have a wide variety of cards to help the game.

The Catan Card Game''s goal is to earn points by accumulating resources to build your cities and expand your settlements. Although the rules of this game can be quite daunting due to their complexity, Catan has proven itself to be a popular game in every format it''s introduced in.

7 Magic: The Gathering (1993)

This strategy-based card game, known as MTG or simply Magic, is one of the most popular card games on the market today. The game is also available in Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

MTG allows players to take on the role of a planeswalker, a mage capable of summoning powerful creatures and spells. However, over the years Magic has introduced numerous formats and ways to play. No two decks are ever identical, allowing for unique gameplay every time it''s played.

6 Blackjack (1899)

Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One, is one of the world''s most popular card games. In the simple terms, this game is to reach 21, but not exceed it. Players can also meet a total that the dealer or opposing players will ''bust'', or exceed 21. There are more rules as well as other variations of the game, but at its core it''s quite straightforward.

Although this game was first introduced in the late 1890s, it technically existed in the early 1800s under the name Vingt-Un. In 1825, the first American standards of the game were printed, and the game was officially renamed around 1899.

5 Pokemon (1996)

In the late 1990s, the phenomenon known as Pokemon took the world by storm. Satoshi Tajri hailed us with his passion in the form of the ever-popular and ever-evolving Game Boy title Pokemon. The card game would come shortly after the first game, but it only came to America at the end of 1998.

The objective of the card game is to recreate the turn-based RPG-style gameplay of video games. Players send out their Pokemon, load them up with items and energy, and evolve them to their finest forms to defeat their opponents. As the franchise has expanded, so has the card game, introducing forms like Mega Evolution and Dynamax.

4 Apples To Apples (1999)

Apples To Apples became incredibly popular in the same year as its creation. Created by Out of the Box Publishing, it received a Mensa Select award, received the National Parenting Centers seal of approval, and the Games magazine''s Party Game of the Year. It was so popular that Mattel was reluctant to buy it.

Players begin with a hand of red cards, each depicting a noun. It''s up to them to match their red cards to the ''judges'' green card, which depicts an adjective. This doesn''t diminish the amount of fun that will ensue.

3 Poker (19th Century)

The exact date of pokers'' conception is something that is often debated. Several scholars have pointed out that it''s similar to a French game known as Poque, or the Persian game As-Nas. This game, however, became popular in the 19th century, owing to gambling riverboats that crossed up and down the Mississippi River during the 1830s.

Poker has grown in popularity in almost every casino across the world. Even the virtual world has at least some mentions of this game, if not a mini-game dedicated to it. There is no denying poker its longevity or its potential.

2 Yu-Gi-Oh! (1999)

There are quite a few cards that are as well known as Yu-Gi-Oh!, and even fewer ones that are constantly evolving and evolving. Based on the fictional card game Duel Monsters, Yu-Gi-Oh! was launched in Japan in 1999 before it became the United States in 2002. Just like in the original manga, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards depict a tussle of unique monsters, warriors, spells, and items, all designed to assist a duelist overwhelm their

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Older Cards Aren''t Available In The Game

Guinness World Records honored the world''s top-selling game in 2009, with over 22 billion cards. Since then, it has been estimated to have sold 35 billion cards, and this number continues to increase every day. Yu-Gi-Oh! is certainly a game that will stand the test of time.

1 Uno (1971)

Unbelievably, this iconic game had a less-than-spectacular beginning. Merle Robbins initially intended Uno for his friends and family back in 1971. He spent $8,000 to print 5,000 copies, which he eventually sold from his barbershop. Robert Tezak later sold the rights to Uno.

Uno''s original aim is to earn 500 points by playing all of the cards in their hand. Numerous house rules, alternative modes to play, expansions, and many variations of Uno have been released, ensuring that this game will forever be fresh and fun.