Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: The Best Electric-Type Pokemon

Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: The Best Electric-Type Pokemon ...

There have been lightning-swift Electric-type Pokemon to shock them into submission for as long as there have been Blastoises and Dragonites. That''s what Electric Pokemon do, after all. They crush things. Sometimes, this means imposing the field with a great deal of effort. Get in, summon a thunderbolt straight out of a Thor comic, and retire.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl hasn''t had a whole bunch of electric critters, but the developers have made sure players have enough options to find their own personal zap-happy pocket monster. Here''s what you should look up and see how it works, so you''ll soon be expressing hello to a new dragon-frying friend.

Quinton O''Connor''s updated on May 8th, 2022: While Pokemon is never shrinking, one hardly needs a reason to check back with powerful guides such these periodically, ensuring they are as effective as possible. We''ve gone back and added stat tables for all of our picks for easy viewing, as well as further contextualization on a few of our choices.

6 Raichu (Sinnoh Dex)

Statistic Bas Value Max at 100
HP 60 324
Attack 90 306
Defense 55 229
Special Attack 90 306
Special Defense 80 284
Speed 100 328

On a whim, we did not choose this fantastic portrait of the franchise''s often-overlooked world. Raichu has been the Luigi of Pikachu''s Mario for longer than many of today''s pop stars have ever been.

Raichu is not having things any easier in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. It''s part of the Sinnoh Dex, you see, and it would make one think it can be added to one''s team during the main game. Alas, that is not the case. Pichu and Pikachu are only limited to players in the post-game, leaving the entire family line disgruntled and Raichu is ready to walk away completely.

Raichu''s sharp Speed makes it a classic Electric-type sweeper. Apart from the usual stuff (something with the wonder "Thunder" in it), Focus Blast and Swift work wonders. Double Team can help Raichu''s sad Defense stat in a pinch. (It''s defenseless because it''s emotionally in devastation.)

5 Magnezone (National Dex)

Statistic Bas Value Max at 100
HP 70 344
Attack 70 262
Defense 115 361
Special Attack 130 394
Special Defense 90 306
Speed 60 240

Magnezone is the opposite Raichu. Not in every way. Not in every way. In one particular case: Raichu''s is in the SInnoh Dex but can''t join the squad until after the game; Magnezone''s is in the National Dex and does not have that problem at all. It''s almost like Arceus and the other mythic makers of the Pokemon universe are slowly chuckling at Raichu from afar.

Electric/Steel is an interesting type combination. Fire and Fighting moves are guaranteed to leave it hanging by a thread. This might have been useless, given that Magnezone''s Speed stat would have been useless, but with a base of 60, almost everything that takes on his magnetic monstrosity will be faster.

Magnezone shines in Defense and Special Attack, so you can lean on that with Iron Defense, a move that increases the stat by two levels. Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon are excellent for STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus).

4 Luxray (Sinnoh Dex)

Statistic Bas Value Max at 100
HP 80 364
Attack 120 372
Defense 79 282
Special Attack 95 317
Special Defense 79 282
Speed 70 262

Shinx is relatively easy to find, but it expands into Luxio and Luxray at relatively early levels. It''s likely Pokemon BDSP''s Electric-type star, given that it''s the final evolution of a common line of lightning-fanged creatures seen all around the Sinnoh region. Its Attack is its sterling stat, so you''ll want to avoid giving it Thunderbolt and other moves based on the Special Attack stat.

Wild Charge, Crunch, and Thunder Wave are all highly-recommended. If you want to give it a permanent Burn, equip it with a Flame Orb and add Facade to its arsenal Luxray can then wreak havoc with what becomes a 140 base power Normal-type attack! Just don''t rely on it in normal battles, or you''ll be healing the poor lion a ton; its HP, although unquestionable, is hardly worth reading home about.

3 Pachirisu (Sinnoh Dex)

Statistic Bas Value Max at 100
HP 60 324
Attack 45 207
Defense 70 262
Special Attack 45 207
Special Defense 90 306
Speed 95 317

We know, we know. Pachirisu will not win you the Pokemon League. Or quite a significant battle. Or a number of minor ones.

Pachirisu is a fantastic business for an entirely different reason. Its Pickup capability is secretly the best thing ever. Upon arrival, you''ll be subjected to numerous things in your travels. However, many of these items may be difficult to find otherwise, or even too limited through any other venue. Rare Candy, Evolution Stones, and Vitamins? There''s a very large probability Pachirisu can find it.

Bring six Pachirisus if you''re in the mood for a late-night dinner. If you''re ready for bed, you may just be swimming in treasure. If this is not the kind of promise that gives this little guy a spot on the "Best Electric Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl" list, it''s just tragic.

2 Electivire (National Dex)

Statistic Bas Value Max at 100
HP 75 354
Attack 123 379
Defense 67 256
Special Attack 95 317
Special Defense 85 295
Speed 95 317

Electivire is a fantastic addition to almost any organization. Scholarly forms like to call it a "mixed wallbreaker," which is correct, but we tend to simply think of it as a nice-looking black-and-yellow beast with a few spare USB ports on its back in case you need to charge your phone late.

The general public expects that none of Electivire''s stats are accurate; however, Electivire''s high Special Attack and Speed, along with its even higher Attack, make it stand out from the rest of the pack. If there''s no better Pokemon for it in your party, you can count on this guy.

1 Rotom (Sinnoh Dex)

Statistic Bas Value Max at 100
HP 50 304
Attack 65 251
Defense 107 344
Special Attack 105 339
Special Defense 107 344
Speed 86 298

Rotom had an... interesting life. The internet was flooded with complaints that Game Freak jumped the shark; here was a Pokemon that can transform into a lawnmower, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, an electric fan, and even a washing machine. It was so different than anything we''d ever seen before, and it pushed a lot of people''s buttons.

Personally, we wonder if some people were just so denial that they can''t turn them into washing machines, but that''s not here or there.

The versatility of Rotom in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is fantastic. There isn''t much of it lying down here in the default version. It is also capable of even more electricity/fire, electricity/water, electric/Ice, electric/flying, and even electric/grass.

Rotom-Wash (Electric/Water) and Rotom-Heat (Electric/Fire) are both powerful in competitive play, but it''s worth getting an eye on them all. No matter what shape it''s in, Rotom''s strong Special Attack makes it an ideal match for plenty of the game''s best attacks, and you''ve got yourself one of the best Electric Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.