Cannibalism's Godlike Burger: Tips

Cannibalism's Godlike Burger: Tips ...

One of Godlike Burger''s main objectives is to avoid murder and establish a successful fast-food chain. Simple in concept, but much harder in practice as the game has a large difficulty curve.

You can keep up your upgrades, along with a small number of body parts and cash. So you can bounce off it again and again, learning its mechanics and gradually improving at mass murder. Here are some tips to help you transform yourself into a top cannibal chef.

Murder At Least Once A Day

Despite the fact that other meats such as buns, tomatoes, cheese, and other burger must-haves must be ordered locally, the meat must be re-sourced and quite regular.

Orders are received often and quickly, so you need to maintain up a supply for that. If your hamburger is finished, then it means that you have to keep it filled. Ideally, murdering at least a handful of customers once a day is the best way to make sure you never run out.

Study Your Victims

While you might aim at everyone and anyone, it''s unlikely that youre will get caught quickly. So check your targets, use your journal, and look at everyone like a potential target.

There aren''t many aliens in the game, and they do offer them at a reasonable pace. It''s quite straightforward to start to see patterns in their behavior. Keeping an eye on their likes, weaknesses, and activities should be your priority.

Aliens who are sick and unhappy are the perfect targets.

In the first few days of running the restaurant, it can be quite a confusing as to how aliens make the perfect targets. Especially since you need to balance income with a good reputation as positive reviews and cash in the register will keep your business open and throats reduced.

Customers who are ill or sick are prime targets for the next week''s lunch menu. Picking them off after they paid their tab not only gets you money and meat but their negative review will not be removed from your Reputation bar. So you essentially receive no punishment and only positive reviews of your restaurant, the perfect crime.

Isolate Your Victims

While you can one-on-one mostly everyone who makes the mistake of wandering into your pub, unless your stamina is high, youre gonna run out of gas and hit that Game Over screen soon.

If there isn''t a trap available to assist with cleaning up, it''s incredibly straightforward to get seen as customers go into and out of rooms. It''s crucial that you get someone alone as it can give you longer time to dispose of the body and wash off the blood. The bathrooms and the empty lot at the back are fantastic as there are a lot of places to quickly hide if someone walks in.

Manage Your Stamina

To keep your murderous tendencies at bay, Godlike Burger uses a stamina bar. It does regen and there is enough in the beginning to kill one customer or two if you''re fortunate with the timing of the regeneration.

The meat locker may be further upgraded later, but until then you''ll need to prioritize how and when you cut loose and begin filling it. However, most aliens will go down with a few hits, but a swing may result in disappointment. Especially if your health bars aren''t big, and a few smacks from an angry visitor is enough to kill you.

Vision Cones Arent As Big As You Think

When you''re running around covered in blood or jumping into tents to remove some remains, you have to be on the lookout for witnesses. Too much suspicion and the cops are called. Which in turn causes them to arrest you or clamp down on a planet, increasing surprise patrols, and making murder much harder.

Customers'' vision cones don''t go as far as you think. Quite often, someone will either walk in on a murder or steal from your viscera-coated chef without a passing glance. Whether you think by design or just a bug, it appears you may be much closer to customers without posing any suspicion. They''re still able to spot a murder if they''re on the same room, or it''s right next to them, but it gives you a little room for creative

Be Ready To Improvise

While you may plan ahead in this game, be mindful of improvising. Burger is the epitome of chaos cascades. For those unfamiliar with the term, it when one minor error causes a huge issue. The most common one youll encounter is having a witness to your crimes.

If your suspicion levels are too high, you must be patient in dealing with someone walking in mid-knife swing or a surprise inspection from the police. It''s important to be capable of responding quickly to issues on the fly, however, that may result in a difference between happy customers and zero business.

Traps Are Extremely Useful

If you go low on meat, you should never overlook traps in Godlike Burger, because they are an absolute godsend. They can also assist you with some quick kills. However, there are plenty of options available to choose from to meet your murder goals.

When someone comes to the restroom, traps make sense, but it''s highly recommended that you use motion sensors and the Autoremove Corpse functions. These will set your devices off when someone arrives and remove the debris, essentially automating your massacres.

Don''''t Overlook Your Meat Grinder

In the early game, you should be concerned about something you should be concerned about. However, once your body count builds, you will need to make sure your disposal methods are properly kept up with your new hobby.

The longer you can climb into the meat grinder to become a beef chuck, the better, and the upgrades are accessible in the basement after every service. Fortunately, early enhancements are inexpensive, but they do increase in price, plus you can also save time when someone gets caught. And, even if you get caught your new people-sized food processor, it''s still at its last gained level.

Always Have Enough For A Bribe

Despite how perfect of a killer you may be, eventually the cops will come creeping around. At some point, youre will raise enough suspicion that brings those bigs slurs with badges knocking at your front door.

You may pay money to lower your suspicion level, or simply flat out bribe the cops to leave you alone if there is enough petty cash left. You may also reduce the heat by hiding out on other planets, but it is often considerably faster to pay them off. So having some money left in the safe to bribe the cops at the last possible second is something you should keep in mind.