Yu-Gi-Oh! The 15 Best Xyz Monsters in the Game

Yu-Gi-Oh! The 15 Best Xyz Monsters in the Game ...

Xyz Monsters were the third type of card that could be placed in the Extra Deck when it came to Yu-Gi-Oh! Even in the modern game, Xyz Monsters are some of the finest Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Xyz Monsters are a common feature in almost every deck, mostly due to their ease of to make. Unlike Synchro and Fusions, they may utilize generic materials to make, thus allowing larger decks to get involved. These Xyz Monsters are the best of the best, which are not currently banned.

With Master Duel, Yu-Gi-Oh! continues to grow and flourish. Regional events and YCSs returning in full swing. The banlist will now be able to climb to Diamond rank on the ladder, no longer ending on Platnium. With the latest GX Box, Speed Duels has gotten an influx of new abilities and archetypes.

15 Evolzar Dolkka

Evolzar Dolkka is one of the most powerful Xyz monsters available on Dinosaur decks, although it''s requirement of need two Level Four Dinosaur monsters to summon it to stay inside Dinosaur decks.

Despite this restriction, it has a remarkable effect that helps keep Dinosaurs in the metagame. Whenever a Monster effect is activated, you may detach a material from Evolzar Dolkka and negate and destroy it. This effect is not once per turn, although it may be used as two (and sometimes) more negates to make it difficult for the opponent to make their Monster-based plays.

14 Leviair The Sea Dragon

Leviair The Sea Dragon is a key card in Level Three Monsters, especially those that banish their Monsters a lot, such as Burning Abyss decks. Leviair The Sea Dragon is a Rank Three Xyz Monster that can detach a material to special summon a Level Four or lower Monsters that was removed.

The return of cards from the banished zone is quite difficult. However, Leviair The Sea Dragon is a key piece in many combo decks, allowing you to recycle powerful on-summon effects. It isn''t a difficult once per turn effect, although it may be used multiple times a turn with multiple copies.

13 Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer

Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer, was once the face of the meta in its initial stages. Although its usage has decreased in recent years, it is still a fantastic Xyz Monster. It requires only two Level Four monsters to summon them. It has two different effects depending on the need.

By detaching one material, a Monster will be placed in face-down Defense Position. By detaching two, you may shuffle a face-up card on the field into the deck. This allows you to eradicate problems Monsters by being able to destroy them through combat or eliminating them from the game so you can not have to worry about them completely.

Bagooska''s Tapir, The Terribly Tired, is 12 Number 41.

Bagooska The Terribly Tired Tapir is a fantastic tornado on a hard-to-find Monster. It uses generic materials, only requiring two Level Four Monsters to summon. It does have a maintenance cost, and if you cannot detach a material during your Standby Phase it is destroyed.

So long as it is Attack Position, it can''t be targeted or destroyed by card effects. Its more important effect is when everything is in Defense Position, where it puts all Monsters into Defense Position and will counteract the effects of all Monsters in the position. This slows the opponent down, allowing you to gain additional resources for victory.

Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy: 11 Number 38

Number 38: Hope Harbinger Titanic Galaxy is the best Rank Eight Xyz Monster out there. When an opponent activates a Spell card or effect, Hope Harbinger will negate it and attach it to itself as a material, without an activation fee. It''s a soft once per turn effect, meaning multiple copies can negate multiple Spell cards.

After the Battle Phase, Hope Harbinger can detach a material when an opponent declares an attack. It is also possible to defeat whatever Monster that is attacking.

10 Number 60: Dugares The Timeless

Number 60: Dugares the Timeless is a generic Rank Four Monster that has a slew of great features. By detaching two materials from it, you may draw two cards and discard one, select a Monster from the Graveyard, or double the attack of a Monster. While the last effect isn''t too special, the other effects are fantastic.

Dugares the Timeless is a great Xyz Monster for fixing your hand or extending for further Link plays. Many decks that require specific cards tend to find space for Dugares in the Extra Deck because it helps to dig for required combo pieces.

9 Number 39: Utopia Double

Number 39: Utopia Double was not on anyone''s radar. However, it was discovered to be a component of an easy-to-build OTK that only required two Level Four Monsters to make. Utopia Double searches out Double or Nothing, then identifies the vanilla Number 39: Utopia.

By doing so, Utopia doubles the Attack stat, and Utopia negates its own attack. Then, Double or Nothing may be activated to double the Attack again, giving it over 8000 Attack to easily take out the opponent in one turn.

8 Time Thief Redoer

From the moment Rank Four was released, Time Thief Redoer immediately became a staple in toolbox decks. It has the potential to completely disrupt the opponent''s strategy owing to its ability to steal a card from the bottom of the opponent''s deck. It has three different consequences that occur if a specific type of card is removed from it.

It''s a new skill not previously established, and the effects are nothing to scoff at either. Drawing cards is never bad, and Time Thief Redoer may send important cards to the Graveyard if they need them.

7 Dante, Traveler Of The Burning Abyss

Dante, the traveler of The Burning Abyss, is one of the most powerful Rank Three Xyz monsters, and one of the main reasons the deck has been so successful for so long. This is due to its ability to mill three cards as a cost.

With the aim of dumping a lot of cards in the Graveyard, the game, as a traveler, will receive stat boosts, and if it''s ever taken care of, you can simply recycle it back into the deck.

6 Dingirsu, The Orcust Of The Evening Star

Dingirsu, The Orcust of The Evening Star, is one of the most powerful Yu-Gi-Oh! Xyz Monsters for how many things it can do. It can be made with either two Level Eight Monsters, or by using an Orcust Link Monster as material. Once it''s Special Summoned, you can either attach a banished Machine Monster to it as material or send a card to the Graveyard.

This allows you to either recycle cards or eliminate a problem card that cannot be destroyed or targeted. In addition, you may detach a card from it if any card you own would be destroyed so your own field a ton of protection.

5 Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus

The powerful 3600 Attack by Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus is unconcerned, causing Kaijus to become popular in competitive play. It requires a lot of effort to go into, but you are rewarded with a seemingly invisible Monster. This is especially challenging as a result of the 3600 Attack.

This Xyz Monster can prevent any type of card effect from impacting it and can dissipate the opponent from adding cards to their hand.

4 Toadally Awesome

For Toadally Awesome, Frog decks were reintroduced in the competitive scene after the death of Frog FTK. It requires only two Level Two Aqua Monsters to be made, something Frog decks can easily accomplish. For Toadally Awesome, you only need to send an Aqua Monster to the Graveyard for to use the negate.

Toadally Awesome steals the negated card, giving you the freedom to use it yourself. This is quite a case changer for you, especially if you negate a powerful card that would not otherwise be on your deck.

3 Abyss Dweller

Abyss Dweller can boost other Water Monsters, but the main advantage it gets is by detaching a material. When you do so, it completely shuts down any effect that activates in the opponent''s Graveyard.

Since so many modern decks require their Graveyard to function, completely decelering this aspect of the game for a turn is sufficient to win a game. While Abyss Dweller is similar to the meta, but it is always one of the best Xyz monsters to keep an eye on during heavy Graveyard metas.

2 Cyber Dragon Infinity

Infinity, based on the amazing Breakers Of Shadow set, has pushed Cyber Dragons towards becoming a competitive deck. It can be easily combined with Cyber Dragon Nova, or cheated out in other ways.

Cyber Dragon Infinity is capable of negating any kind of card effect and detaching a card from it. It also allows the opponent to steal the Attack Position Monsters more chances of detaching. It also receives a very strong Attack boost from cards that are attached to it. It will probably stay that way for years in the future.

1 Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS

Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS will likely never be made with the two Level 12 Monster requirements, but with the effect that allows it to be Xyz summoned with an Xyz Monster who attacked that turn. It''s a fantastic field wipe that can be activated at any time by detaching two components from it.

Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS is fantastic because it can rid both Monsters and backrow if any are causing you trouble. It''s extremely difficult to get rid of as well, thanks to its massive Attack and Defense. Divine Arsenal AA-Zeus is miles ahead of the competition, and is the best Xyz monster in Yu-Gi-Oh!