Final Fantasy 14: The Thousand Maws Of Toto-Rak Dungeon Guide

Final Fantasy 14: The Thousand Maws Of Toto-Rak Dungeon Guide ...

In this dungeon, you will hunt for the Sylph elder Frixio, who fled into the dungeon while hiding from Garlean troops. Before the monsters of this abandoned jail find him first, you must search for Frixio.

The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak can be completed with the Duty Support system, which allows you to enter the dungeon with three NPCs who will follow your lead. Before you clear this dungeon solo, take the opportunity to look into each boss in this game.

How To Unlock The Thousand Maws Of Toto-Rak

The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak is unlocked in the following major story quest.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest ''''Into the Beast''''s Maw''''
    • NPC Location: Buscarron - South Shroud (X:18.1, Y:19.8)
  • NPC Location: Buscarron - South Shroud (X:18.1, Y:19.8)
  • NPC Location: Buscarron - South Shroud (X:18.1, Y:19.8)

Dungeon Walkthrough

Cobweb walls will keep your progress going throughout this dungeon. For to break the webs, you will need to first defeat all the enemies in the rooms before it. As you make your way through the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak, be sure to clear each group of monsters you encounter. Also, be on the lookout for Treasure Coffers that contain useful items and improved equipment.

Coeurl O'''' Nine Tails

The Couerl O'' Nine Tails, the first and second bosses of this dungeon.

The first time you fight this boss will continue to cast Acid Mist, bringing the Poison debuff to all party members. This debuff must be avoided by Esuna, so the Healer will have to remain vigilant throughout the fight.

The second time you encounter the Coeurl O'' Nine Tails, it will also summon two Warden''s Whip enemies that will also use Acid Mist at the same time, adding three stacks of Poison to the party. Like the first time you fought this boss, the Healer should constantly restore the party''s health.

Focus on the Warden''s Whip enemies when they spawn, then return to the boss when they are defeated.


Graffias, the last boss of Toto-Rak, is a green slime surrounded the arena that will engulf Leaden, causing significant damage to movement speed. Avoid entering the arena while you fight Graffias, who are listed below.

  • Realm Shaker: Graffias will deal damage in an area around itself. This attack has no indicator or cast bar, making it hard to avoid. Instead of avoiding it, the Healer should focus on healing the Tank and melee DPS players. Ranged players should stand away from the boss for the duration of the fight.
  • Silkscreen: Graffias will attack in a line AoE to its front, knocking back hit players slightly. Avoid this attack by moving outside the AoE indicator.
  • Sticky Web: Graffias will target a random player, dealing damage and summoning a Fleshy Pod on their location. After a short delay, the pod will use Pod Burst, causing it to explode in a wide area. Move outside the explosion''''s indicator to avoid taking damage from Pod Burst.

Graffias will summon Comesmite enemies around the arena at around 50 percent health. These enemies don''t have any special attacks, but should be focused on before the boss becomes overwhelmed. Additionally, Graffias'' Tail will become targetable, and it will begin using the following attack.

  • Deadly Thrust: Graffias will stab a large area with its tail, dealing high damage and covering the area in a green puddle. Standing in this puddle will inflict the Pollen debuff, which deals damage over time. The Pollen puddle will persist for a while, so be sure to move out of it to avoid taking too much damage.

The boss will be exposed for 60 seconds, increasing all damage it takes. Destroy the Tail if it appears, then destroy the rest of the Graffias'' health to defeat it.

The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak will be completed after Graffias is defeated. Don''t forget to collect your loot!