Cooking Tips for Godlike Burger

Cooking Tips for Godlike Burger ...

In Godlike Burger, cooking is the same term as cooking, and being able to produce perfectly cooked patties can make or break your restaurant. However, making the food itself is not too difficult, and when there is a group of angry customers asking for your attention, it can be like the pressure cooker.

Not to mention, you should be fit in killing your new source of income to keep the rest of your customers fed. However, here are some tips for making things easier and to assist you as a new mass-murderer.

Save Cash For The Kitchen

If you''re smart and quick with how you serve your burgers, your basic kitchen in Godlike Burger will require a substantial overhaul to keep up, so be sure to invest in it.

Extra Hot Plates are relatively inexpensive and useful if you have the cash. Additional stoves are recommended, although they are $900 at the base level. For $700, you can also increase their cooking speed, but keep an eye on your meats. And for a whopping $2000, you may unlock a timer that turns off your stoves when the patties are cooked. So youll never have to worry about burning burgers again.

Beef Up The Meat Grinder Early On

In the early game, you may pack a decent amount of body into your meat grinder. However, as demand for your mystery burgers rises quite quickly, you''ll need to be able to squash additional organs into the constantly-hungry maw of your corpse pulverizer.

You may do this at the end of a game shift inside the bunker by going to the kitchen upgrade page. Meat Processor Slot is what you''re looking for, although like other enhancements to your gadgets the price does increase the more you have. Plus, speed upgrades, as well as increased chances of spur-of-the-moment kills, are excellent.

Plan Ahead

While you may just turn and burn days in the restaurant, it''s significantly less efficient to have a basic plan for each session. Whether it''s setting up traps for sneaky kills ahead of the busy rush, cutting up customers yourself, or simply seeing aliens in the restaurant, adding more notes to your journal. Always try to be relaxed.

As early as you have access to other planets, you may often lose time to do anything but cooking. If you have time to lean, you have the ability to do other things.

Stack Up Your Orders

As the process of fulfillment of orders is pretty constant, you don''t have to leave a lot of breathing room in Godlike Burger. However, there are a few steps to keep your breath in sync.

One method of stacking up multiple orders on hot plates at once. Each bun ready to go means you can slap the patty in and place it in the serving tray in a few seconds. This is allowing you to keep additional orders as they arrive in or exit the kitchen for a brief bit of stabbing.

Watch The Wait Times

Customers'' burgers will have a timer next to them for as long as they''re willing to wait to get served. Despite some preparations, it may vary depending on whether or not you are ready to serve it.

If your grill is empty, ask for simpler orders first. Like those odd people who order their hamburgers without doing anything on it. Alternatively, you can increase wait times with the Yin Yang upgrade if you require more time to cook, although don''t worry too much if you screw up an order. If you''re hemorrhaging, you can always murder them and make them into a lunch order.

Slow Down With Plating

If you''re creating a hamburger, it''s important to take a second to make sure that the ingredients you''re shoving in are exactly what you need. So, it''s extremely simple to shove in an extra patty or an ingredient that wasn''t purchased.

Occasionally you get lucky and a customer will be fine with it, especially if the meats double up because who wouldn''t get a free patty. Though quite often it will either ruin the order and mildly irritate the customer, causing them to not pay and leave a bad review which could result in a reputation penalty. Take a second to review what''s going on the plate.

Buy Assurance

The constant threat of cops breaking in the doors, and the demands of hungry customers, you also must deal with your machines whenever you break down. Although it''s straightforward to fix and requires only a quick QTE, it can happen quite often and in a busy service this can be a mess.

In order to combat this, invest in Assurance. At the first tier it reduces the chance of equipment breakdowns, but at full unlock it prevents your kitchen equipment from breaking down ever. It''s an often overlooked upgrade that gives you the chance to walk out of the kitchen to take killings.

Don''''t Leave The Kitchen For Too Long

Unfortunately, you cannot hide in the kitchen flipping burgers forever. However, your meat supply will be going to shorten, and you''ll need to refill your refrigerator before heading to the backseat. This is not the case for emergencies. Make sure the food is fairly short.

Especially if you have meat on the grill, because it can burn a lot quicker than you think and more customer orders are always moments away. So plan your short breaks accordingly if you need to get more meat or reset traps.

Certain Events Will Lock You Down

Though you may enjoy the restaurant in a certain degree of freedom, there may be moments when you''re almost stuck in the kitchen. Either from a busy rush or if a particular day comes with a special event like Protesters or alien pests stealing your food.

Protesters will push all over your restaurant while irritating customers. Mostly they''ll hang out in the bathrooms and other distant areas, but they can get in the way of burners and hot plates, slowing you down for a moment. However, make sure you have adequate supplies in your fridge to help you avoid disappointments.