Final Fantasy 14: 8 Rare Titles And How To Obtain These Titles

Final Fantasy 14: 8 Rare Titles And How To Obtain These Titles ...

Final Fantasy 14 is a collector''s paradise, with dozens of rare items to discover throughout its six expansions. Whether you''re grinding out one of the game''s Relic Weapons, looking for rare mounts, or just looking for a perfect minion, there''s something for everyone. Titles, displayed to other players under your character name, can be quite challenging to understand as a collectible, but they also provide a great chance to add some character flair.

Fantastic Rewards for Final Fantasy 14 Achievements

Many of these are unusual due to being tied to long-term goals (such as winning 1,000 matches of Crystalline Conflict) others, especially the most common in the game, are tied to Final Fantasy 14''s more obscure features. If you''re willing to learn old content, grind out your crafting jobs, join hunt trains, and more, you may get one of these legendary titles to flaunt in front of your raiding static, Free Company members, and random strangers across Eorzea.

8 The Necromancer

This title has become somewhat more popular as more players conquer all 200 levels of Palace of the Dead, yet it still ranks among the most challenging titles to obtain. However, clearing Palace of the Dead with a party of four is already no easy feat, and you''ll have to clear all 200 levels on your own.

Those are all about you being able to balance tanking, healing, and damage-dealing on a single job. On top of that, if you die along the way, you will not get the title. So, any death might result in hours of progress lost, making this a title only the most determined adventurers will get. It''s no wonder only 0.53% of characters have obtained it so far!

7 Mahjong Master

While many people come to Final Fantasy 14 for the award-winning narrative and exciting raids, there is a small but dedicated community in the game based on mahjong''s in-game version.

If you want to acquire a title that will make you stand out among your fellow Warriors of Light or are just a general mahjong enthusiast, you can earn the title of Mahjong Master by getting a rating of over 2,000 in the Gold Saucer. If you''re willing to take the plunge, you can become one of only 602 characters in the entire game.

6 High Roller

This one is for Gold Saucer enthusiasts only! To get the High Roller title, you''ll need to collect nine separate achievements relating to various Gold Saucer activities: winning 500 Chocobo races, winning 1,000 roulette matches, finishing 100 GATEs, and earning more than one million gil cumulatively in the daily Mini-Cactpot and the weekly Jumbo Cactpot.

Each of these will take tens of thousands of hours to complete, allowing only the most distinguished denizens of Eorzea''s largest casino to claim the title.

5 Of The Endless Hunt

In the game''s Hunt system, you''ll need to complete 10,000 Elite A-Rank Marks. Non only is that number astronomically high, but these creatures'' spawn rate and locations are also unpredictable.

Despite this, a number of new in-game organizations have started tackling Hunts, so at least you won''t be chasing this title alone. But you''ll need a lot of patience and an unbreakable will to become a true hunt master.

4 World Class Troller

The Ocean Fishing minigame, which is available every two hours from the docks in Limsa Lominsa, is quite familiar with fans of fishing. Here, players cast their lines into the ocean in the hopes of pulling rare fish.

RPGs That Are Just Needing More Fishing

You''ll require a lot of skill and even more luck to earn the license to be a World Class Troller. However, with enough perseverance, you may join the ranks of fishing masters who only make up 0.3% of players in the whole game.

3 Ultimate Thrillseeker

Getting the title of Ultimate Thrillseeker will require a dedication to Final Fantasy 14''s hunts. This time, you''ll be tracking down 5,000 S-Rank Elite Marks, which are even more rare and require even greater coordination than the A-Rank Marks.

As you try and maximize playtime and take down as many S-Ranks as possible, if you do, you''ll join the 392 people who have successfully achieved this title.

2 Lady/Lord Of Verminion

Lord of Verminion is a minigame that can be accessed through the Gold Saucer. In return for MGP to spend on prizes within the Gold Saucer, summoned minions are paired. By winning 300 player battles, dedicated players can earn the title of Lord or Lady.

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This isn''t the most popular activity in the game, making the process of achieving this title a slog. Only 0.14% of players have been granted the right to own Verminion royalty, making this one of the most famous titles you''ll ever find in Eorzea.

1 Hoarder

The title of Hoarder is a proof that sometimes Final Fantasy 14''s most impressive collections are more about perseverance than difficulty. Like The Necromancer, Hoarder requires entering one of the game''s two Deep Dungeons, Palace of the Dead, or Heaven on High. Inside you''ll encounter unique treasures called Pieces of the Accursed Hoard.

Each run can take several hours to complete, making the title''s requirement of collecting over 10,000 pieces a gargantuan task. Only 0.017% of players (28 characters) have obtained it.

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