The defunct Star Wars Battlefront 3 has become an Elite Squadron in the Playtest copy

The defunct Star Wars Battlefront 3 has become an Elite Squadron in the Playtest copy ...

A few days ago, a playtest version of Star Wars Battlefront 3 was discovered and quickly transferred to Reddit. Unfortunately, the game was discontinued and the studio producing it, Free Radical Design, went bankrupt later that year. Well, what was Battlefront 3 so quickly became Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron. Reduce. Reuse. Recycling.

While the publisher found the canned game completely, LucasArts donated some of the created assets to Rebellion, the studio working on the Elite Squadron spin-off for the PSP. Reusing assets is a fantastic way for studios to drastically reduce development time, thus we get high-quality games more often.

It appears Rebellion was working on its Elite Squadron game for a year or so before Battlefront 3 was canceled. When it received LucasArts'' assets it rebranded the scrapped game into the Elite Squadron game we now.

People on Reddit are hoping that this playtest version of Battlefront 3 will be digitally restored. This would help fans maintain the game better, and it''s unlikely we''ll ever be able to play Battlefront 3 anyway.

Battlefront 3 appears to be a cursed game. It was the first one to have been turned into a different game, and Dice''s rebooted series never surpassed the number three due to EA''s hefty licensing costs. EA is currently working on several Star Wars projects, thus you''ll still get your fill.

Star Wars is such a cultural phenomenon that it''s in Elden Ring and Fortnite. In FromSoftware''s latest nightmare, you may download a mod that allows you to play as Darth Vader - lightsaber included.

Crafty players in Fortnite are blitzing their opponents by dressing up as the holographic Stormtroopers dotted around the map''s various checkpoints. When an unwary player approaches for a closer look, the blending player punches them down with a lightsaber.