All Party Members, Ranked in Tales Of Vesperia

All Party Members, Ranked in Tales Of Vesperia ...

The Tales Of series is one of the most well-known for its broad plot lines and well-known casts of characters, and Tales of Vesperia is no different. Yuri Lowell is on a mission to investigate Blastia, and he is caught up in a tumultuous situation along the way.

Each character youe introduced to brings something new to the partys dynamic, whether it be in terms of gameplay, unique design, or driving the plot forward. Each of the characters in Vesperia has an important role to play in the plot, and they all develop as the story progresses, overcoming their own personal hardships and developing as a result of their experiences.

9 Ahoy!: Patty Fleur

Patty, a young girl with mysterious connections to Aifread, is first seen in the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Along the way, Patty manages to find Aifreads treasure and hopefully return her memories.

Patty, although a fun addition to the story, does not have the same value to the games'' main plot as other characters in your party, allowing her to be overshadowed by characters who were originally included in the games'' first release.

8 Mans Best Friend: Repede

When it comes to Yuri, Repede, who is a loyal friend, battles with his friends with a variety of techniques and his signature weapon, the dagger.

While Repedes'' story isn''t as detailed as some of the other characters in the game, his unique design cements him as one of the most lovable dogs in gaming history. Repede also receives customizable outfits, making it possible to dress up this hound to your heart ease.

7 A Little Fishy: Raven

This noble-turned-rogue, who takes on the pseudonym Raven, is a great addition to your party, with his quips and flirtatious personality, both inside and outside of battle.

Despite his unpredictable character and his inclination, he is a strong adversary in battle, thanks to his history as an Imperial Knight and his position as the leader of the Schwann Brigade. When it comes to Raven, theres more than meets the eye, as you discover his real identity in the second half of the game.

6 Loyal Knight: Flynn Scifo

Flynn is a stickler for the rules and kept with the Imperial Knights, raising the ranks to change the system from the inside. Though Yuri is opposite in every way, he is also his best friend. Unlike Yuri, he is a stickler for the rules and is a fighter against the Imperial Knights, but he has remained loyal to the Knights throughout the process.

While Flynn is only in your party for a brief portion of the game (or for a single fight in the Xbox 360 version), his solid reasoning and close connection to Yuri allow him to become a hero alongside his other party members.

5 The Boss: Karol Capel

After being unable to establish his own guild, Karols'' story throughout the game is one you can easily empathize with. He is still 12 years old, and he is on his way to becoming the leader he wants to be.

Karol is grateful for all he does to get involved in, and it is heart-warming to see him look up to Yuri as an older leader thanks to his acoustic guilding. Karol also has a wealth of knowledge to share on the party, making him a handy person.

4 Having A Blast: Rita Mordio

Rita, who was first introduced as the Mage Mordio, is a powerful magic user despite her youthful age. Her passion for Blastia often excels in her career, as she excels in discovering its properties and uses. Rita assists you in your journey to help you navigate through this path.

Rita still acts like a normal teenager, often stoking heads with her other young companion, Karol, even with her dedication as one of the world''s most well-known Blastia experts.

3 The Mysterious Dragon Rider: Judith

Only Yuri is aware of her role as the Dragon Rider and her desire to destroy the Blastia when she first joins your party. After revealing her true self and seeing how humans can use Blastia, she changes her mind and becomes a loyal member of Brave Vesperia.

Judith is a Krytian, a group of people who first developed Blastia. As a non-human person, she has a unique design, particularly for people attending your party, with pointed ears and purple eyes. She is a breath of fresh air for the party, and he gives a subtle contrast to those depicted in Estelle.

Estellise Estelle Sidos Heurassein''s Two More Than A Princess

Estelle became a sheltered life prior to the games events in Zaphias Castle with a desire to explore the world. Despite her love, Estelle grows fast friends with Yuri and assists him in reuniteing with his friend, Flynn.

Estelle is a kind-hearted person, shown through her ability in combat, as she is a powerful healer and will always contact the parties'' aid when they are in need. Estelles'' significance to the plot makes her an important part of Vesperias'' extensive narrative, as her identity as a Child of the Full Moon drives the story forward.

1 Morally Gray Hero: Yuri Lowell

Yuri was raised in the Lower Quarters of the Capital, living alongside his loyal pet Repede. Yuri shows depreciation for authority figures and prefers to directly assist those in need, especially those in the Lower Quarters.

Yuris hysteria for those who abuse their power often leads him to take things into his own hands, making tough decisions that others might not agree with. He is also a proponent of a RPG genre, particularly since he has refused to back down.