Cheaters from Apex Legends have somehow made their way Into Console Lobbies

Cheaters from Apex Legends have somehow made their way Into Console Lobbies ...

PC games are usually used for cheaters than consoles. That''s just because it''s easier to get a hack working on PC where the software and the game are on the same machine, but that is because getting a hack to work on a console requires elimination of the console''s own anti-tamper mechanism before defeating them. That extra step is usually enough discouragement to keep hackers away from console games.

Apex Legends has seen a surge of hackers in console lobbyies, but it''s unclear whether it''s just a result of a bug or another hack.

Check out this latest video from FNATIC player Revengeful, who is playing Predator on Kings Canyon. After several headshots, Revengeful discovers that his player [Joba] SlxghtR owns You, who knows that he isn''t just cheating, but also got into a console lobby despite playing on PC.

After ghosting the player for a minute, the attacker is using an aimbot. This gives the hacker the uncanny ability to hit other players from extreme distances by firing a stream of bullets directly and heads without any regard for recoil. They do not need to aim down the sights, but simply firing from the hip in a general direction will force every bullet to magically zero in on that players head.

According to the PC Gamer, the hacker was revoked shortly after the clip was taken, but another issue is discussed. Although Respawn Entertainment still supported crossplay on Apex Legends, it kept the PC and console cues separate to avoid one side getting an unfair advantage over the other due to their differing input methods. However, this hacker somehow found a way.

Respawn will be able to resolve this latest issue before Newcastle and Season 13 will be announced tomorrow.