Adventurer Plate Guide for Final Fantasy 14

Adventurer Plate Guide for Final Fantasy 14 ...

Ever wanted to express your true self to your closest friends or random strangers? With Adventurer Plates, you can now create customized profiles for Final Fantasy 14 to showcase different information and styles.

Adventurer Plates has a little something for everyone - whether it be a business card or a social media bio. Let''s look at how to create and customize one, what you can display on it, and how they are used for it.

This guide has been updated for you to know how to add comments to your Adventurer Plates, how to unlock new design elements, as well as including in a handy video that shows you everything you need to know about it.

How To Create An Adventurer Plate

Open the Character Menu by selecting the button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, select the Adventurer Plate option.

The default Adventurer Plate will be available with a default portrait of your Warrior of Light. Select Edit Plate Design to modify the plate''s design. From here, you may modify the various display options of your Adventurer Plate.

The content on your Adventurer Plate may be changed if you select the Edit Profile option. Your favorite Class or Job, your favorite title, your playstyle (dungeons, raids, crafting, etc.) and your active hours on weekends and weekends. The level of your favorite listed Job, Grand Company Rank, server, and search comment will also be shown.

Customize this information so that you can show other players when you are usually online, and what you do in the game. This is beneficial for finding new friends, recruiting for raid parties, and more!

If the default customization options aren''t enough for you, you may also purchase new Plate options at a variety of vendors, or earn them through routines such as PvP.

Portraits are customizable photographs you can take of your character. You may modify poses, expressions, lighting, and other techniques to create the perfect picture. Select the Character Menu just below the Adventurer Plate option to begin making portraits.

You may modify your character''s pose and expression as well as the design of the portrait in the Portraits menu. There are also several lighting options you may modify.

Open the upper-menu on the Portrait and select Apply to Adventurer Plate. During this menu, you may select use as an Instant Portrait, and it will appear when you participate in Crystalline Conflict PvP matches. Keep an eye on this Portrait only if you are still wearing the same gearset.

In other words, if you enter a match as Dragoon, your Scholar Portrait will not be displayed.

How To Add A Comment To Your Adventurer Plate

You''ve probably noticed many people on their Adventurer Plate with a nifty little comment, but there isn''t much need to be added into the Adventurer Plate options. Confused? Don''t worry, we''ve got you covered.

To add a comment to your plate, go to the ''Social'' menu and select ''Player Search''. Go to ''Party Members'' and right-click on your name before selecting ''Edit Search Info.''

You may include a Search Comment, which is what will then be displayed on your adventurer plate!

What Are Adventurer Plates Used For?

Adventurer Plates are popularly used for showing off to other players. You may also show others how often you are online, and what kinds of activities you desire.

During the entry of the new Crystalline Conflict PvP matches, each team''s selected Instant Portrait will be displayed. Choose a picture that best represents your Warrior of Light to demonstrate the type of blood-thirsty killer they''re dealing with.

How To Unlock More Adventurer Plate Options

It will not take long until you discover a player who looks upon enviously, so where exactly are they getting these extra designs? In a variety of ways, you may unlock additional Adventurer Plate elements, including completing quests and duties.

You may use Trophy Crystals earned via PvP from the Crystal Quartermaster in the Wolves'' Den Pier at (X:4.5, Y:6.1) to purchase role-specific Farmer''s Kits and then apply them to your portraits.