Dragonsong's Reprise Raid is cleared by Final Fantasy 14 players, and Square Enix has deleted the video

Dragonsong's Reprise Raid is cleared by Final Fantasy 14 players, and Square Enix has deleted the vi ...

Neverland, a game developed by Square Enix, was the first person in the world to defeat the notoriously dangerous raid known as Dragonsongs Reprise. The filmmaker was quick to congratulate them before deleting the video intended to commemorate their success. The film was withdrawn following a copyright takedown request that some believe.

Square Enix noted that the first teams to clear Dragonsong''s Reprise have emerged. Congratulations! For those of you who are still pushing on at your own pace, please continue to push on! Before making a lengthy statement, the developer agreed to add something about third-party tools.

Although Square Enix may have been using software to alter the user interface when they defeated Reprise, many observers have speculated. Although the use of software to alter the interface has become extremely common, Square Enix is still against permitting the software to be used in Final Fantasy 14.

The use of third-party tools in Final Fantasy 14 is strictly prohibited, according to Square Enix. Players who are determined to use third-party tools will be subjected to a suspension or permanently banned for repeat offenses. Square Enix continued to create software that allows players to quickly complete content and modify the UI to display additional information. The rules are governed by the following rules. All reports of such activity warrant investigation and accounts which are in violation of the games terms of service will be suspended or banned.

While this comes a little too late for Neverland, there is nonetheless a light at the end of the tunnel. Square Enix acknowledged that people are able to use the above techniques to expand the HUD and display more information because they believe that existing tasks are inadequate for handling high-end duties. In recognition of this, we intend to review the most prominent tools and in order to discourage their use.