Today, Elden Ring will release their 1000th Triumph over Malenia

Today, Elden Ring will release their 1000th Triumph over Malenia ...

Since Elden Ring''s launch earlier this year, more than 12 million people have been playing it. Everything from Darth Vader to completing it in under six minutes. However, here''s what you should know about Elden Ring today, where Let Me Solo Her will be the hero. The whole thing will be streamed on YouTube.

Let Me Solo Her is a talented Elden Ring player who was summoned to assist a fellow Tarnished take down Malenia. Every boss in Elden Ring is tough to take down, but she managed it with relative ease, wearing nothing but a pot and a scarf as their other player watched on in amazement. 998 more Malenias later, and Let Me Solo Her, also known as KleinTsuboiOW on YouTube, is planning to record their 1000th victory against Malenia in the world.

I am reaching around 1000 Malenia fatalities and intend to stream this feat live on my YouTube channel, according to Reddit. I hope to meet with some of you guys there. If you''re a Let Me Solo Her fan and want to watch them in action, the stream will begin today (May 10, 2022). Don''t be dawdle as history dictates it will not last long.

Just because this will be the 1000th time Let Me Solo Her takes on, and presumably defeats Malenia, don''t panic, it does not mean it will be the last. They have already declared they intend to continue serving other players in The Lands Between. However, they may well shift their focus to a different boss. There are indications of that already happening, but no official confirmation has been made yet.

The chances of getting Let Me Solo Her to help you battle Malenia are pretty slim. Regardless, you may snag them in your favor or through YouTube. However, someone has created a Let Me Solo Her spirit mod so that the pot-clad hero can join you on your quest.