The Dev of Stanley Parable Recalls Cheating Achievement Hunters

The Dev of Stanley Parable Recalls Cheating Achievement Hunters ...

The Stanley Parable has always poked fun at achievement hunters - play it for all of a Tuesday, don''t play it for five years, and the famous "Unachievable" quenchmen that Crows Crows said is "unacceptable." But players always find a way.

The Ultra Deluxe version is no different, so even further upping the "don''t play for five years" trophy to ten. Good luck. Somehow, 3.3 percent of players managed to do that within a month of their release. If they have time machines, they''re cheating, and Crows times three is more than aware, with a tongue-in-cheek tweet.

"You cheated not only the game, but yourself," the author said. "You didn''t grow, you didn''t improve, and you took a shortcut and gained nothing. It''s sad that you don''t know the difference." Players are chopping their phones into thinking they''ve got the most success in ten years, digital time travelling.

People use this technique to skip days in Animal Crossing, accelerateing the built-in progression, but it can also be used to not play a game for ten years to nab an achievement. All you have to do is go offline, change the clocks, go back online, and restart the game once more. Don''t say Crows I said that.

Crows'' thoughts are clear, but the narrative itself does not imply that it is from the narrative; it''s a meme created by Sekiro, a PC Gamer piece, and a ''git gud'' FromSoft player (as pointed out by GamesRadar). But now, whenever we sit back and read over the meme again, we''ll no doubt hear Kevan Brighting berating us for our cheating.