Games That Keep Your Items Stealing In 9 Enemies

Games That Keep Your Items Stealing In 9 Enemies ...

Happiness is a whole assortment. Whether your pockets are filled with useful items or there are a bunch of shiny pickups on the ground waiting for you to put them in your backpack, it''s a joy to be in it. However, having that stuff taken from you absolutely stinks, which is why it''s so annoying when you encounter enemies that do just that.

Some of them take items from your inventory, others collect items from the ground before you can, and others can even swipe less tangible possessions like character buff. In this list, we''ll look into the worst item burglars in games.

9 Imps - Castle Crashers

If you''ve ever played Castle Crashers, you already know the sheer amount of miscellany that comes to the ground in the midst of a fight. However, those sacks of money lure Imps, nasty little critters who go from off-screen, get the cash, point and laugh at you, and try to make it off. However, if you cut them off, the sack is removed from their heavy hands.

8 Like Likes - Legend Of Zelda Series

If ever there was ever a Zelda series adversary that made players go "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Both Deku Shields and Hylian Shields, as well as Goron Tunics and Zora Tunics, are devoured by a Like Like in Ocarina of Time. Both the regular Kokiri Tunic and the Mirror Shield are also a must.

7 Pluton - Kid Icarus Series

These thieving ogres have left Pit since the NES days. Back in the original Kid Icarus, these pint-sized jerks would sweep the Arrows of Strength out of Pit''s quiver, leaving him bereft of ammo in hostile territory.

Kid Icarus''s thieving habits have only worsened, as they''ll remove dropped weapons from the ground and from Pit''s inventory and try to make a break for it with them on their back. In contrast to most thieving enemies, Plutons are quite resilient, so chances are good you''re not getting it back.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: 6 Jestabocky

Don''t get your hopes up, it may be a Jestabocky disguise. Besides disguising themselves to ambush Sora and Riku, Nightmare Jestabockies will also collect prizes on Sora''s behalf, as well as occasionally swallow enemies whole.

5 Sharks - Raft

Sharks are often a bad rep due to movies like the Jaws. They''re actually a vital component of the ocean ecosystem, eating up waste and cleaning the water. Of course, in Raft, where assorted waste is your lifeline, that puts you at odds with them. Sharks will regularly attack your floating refuge, discarding large amounts if left unchecked. If the destroyed section has any tools or objects on it, they''ll get gobbled up as well. Don''t blame the

4 Spiteful Crows - Earthbound

Spiteful Crows, obnoxious little birds dressed in sunglasses, and bowties are among the most commonly encountered enemies Ness encounters after the comet hits Onett. This is especially difficult because you''re lucky enough to encounter them so early in the game, when healing items such as cookies and burgers might be difficult to obtain. Losing even one burger can be a major obstacle before Ness is strong enough to hold his own.

3 Sukaritts - Mega Man Legends 2

The vast majority of MegaMan encounters in both Mega Man Legends games are hostile by default, battling him, shooting him, shooting explosives, and so on. One of the few exceptions to this are the Sukaritts, a strange Reaverbots with long, flowing sleeves and antennae that resemble pigtails.

They''ll skirt and push around MegaMan but otherwise, ignore him. However, if he destroys another Reaverbot and drops some Refractor Shards on the ground, the Sukaritts give out a laugh and snatch them all up before MegaMan can. Rude.

2 Colibri - Final Fantasy XI

The Colibri, a bright pink bird used in Final Fantasy XI, is capable of sending back any White or Black Magic, but it does not need to send back any Food effects, as long as it has been eaten. This is because when you have a Food effect, you can now say that this bird is throwing its entire beak down your throat to soak up your leftovers. There''s a fun thought.

1 Carbuncle - Sonic Shuffle

The SoulJewels, a gemstone, are available for purchase on the internet in a variety of sizes, including in special occasions and mini-games. Unlike any Forcejewel, one of these is actually a Jewel-shaped fairy with an unsettling appetite. If any of these Forcejewels finds its way into your inventory, it''ll start eating itself. Talk about a fatal appetite.