This is why Metal Gear Solid is not available on consoles. It's a sign of our history

This is why Metal Gear Solid is not available on consoles. It's a sign of our history ...

Hideo Kojima, the model who grew up in the game, was a clear stand-in for the concept of a single character. I don''t like that whole games be reduced to a single author, but it''s fair to say that the man is a very important figure in our industry. Metal Gear Solid is his magnum opus. It''s a huge embarrassment for our industry.

No other artistic medium is as keen to forget the past as games. Music has gone from vinyl, to tape, to CD, to an unfortunate era with MiniDisc, to MP3, and streaming, although all albums committed to vinyl and beyond in the past 80 years will be available, even if they''re not included, and Amazon Prime will usually allow you to download the film digitally at a cost even if the Prime Video library doesn''t include them.

''80s games are not high-def, but they stand out perfectly because they''re easy money, but because we are far more obsessed with being up to the task. However, games have developed a self-fulfilling narrative. This is because it is a process of self-fulfilling.

Xbox Game Pass falls into Xbox''s old back catalogue, but it''s a fairly shallow dive. Nintendo also looks back through its previous consoles, but it''s strangely selective and leaves out many of its most popular consoles. The actual back catalogue of Nintendo greats, however, is still there, and may restore some stability to things, but current form suggests that''s unlikely.

The PS Now title is due to disappear at the end of the month. However, none of the first four Metal Gear Solids will be available on modern consoles. These are legendary games, some of the most famous figures we artform has ever known, and they will not be released. Persona 5 will make a comeback, as well as the new PS Plus Premium version, and the Metal Gear Solids will make a comeback there, but it''s also bigger than those four games. They''re just the latest example of gaming

PC is still fighting the good fight, either by digital download or by (often illegal) emulation, but when many of these games became popular because of consoles (PlayStation especially), it''s strange that they are being forgotten. It''s like if The Godfather was only available for streaming on your phone, if The Beatles could only be played via a shower radio. It''s well-known, but not in the way it should be.