On May 16, Espeon will introduce Pokemon Unite

On May 16, Espeon will introduce Pokemon Unite ...

Pokemon Unite was first introduced on Nintendo Switch last summer, extending its capability a few months later. While Pokemon''s first foray into the MOBA world may have been undermined by Legends: Arceus since then, TiMi Studios has been constantly adding and tweaking the game. Today, it revealed Espeon will join the fight on May 16th.

Pokemon Unite''s Twitter account revealed the second Eeveelution to be added to the game will be a ranged attacker. Espeon has reportedly joined Unite''s roster since the game was launched on mobile. However, all of the Eeveelutions may be playable Pokemon, but that may take a while.

The addition of Espeon to the roster next week will bring the number of playable Pokemon in Unite to 35, not including the pre-evolved forms you begin with at the beginning of a match. Little else about Espeon, such as its move set and whether you''ll need to pay for or earn its license, has been revealed. Since Espeon is an attacker, it will have less HP than defenders and support Pokemon, but will be able to do a lot of damage from a distance

Espeon''s main art and in-game models were revealed prior to today''s official announcement that Espeon would be one of the next units. Delphox was a part of the same revelation, and additional information has revealed TiMi might soon introduce an entirely new mode to Unite. One that will allow you to catch and control the game''s wild Pokemon, significantly expanding the roster. Again, nothing official from Pokemon or TiMi has been confirmed about the new mode.

Unite is one of many Pokemon games to have launched over the last year, but it is a chance to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Red and Blue''s arrival this week. In just four and a half months, Nintendo revealed its latest financial figures. Around 35 million Pokemon games were sold between April 2021 and March 2022. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl added 14.65 million copies to that total.