30 Hidden Locations And Weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 (And Where to Find Them)

30 Hidden Locations And Weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 (And Where to Find Them) ...

The Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Game is a massive one-player game, although the pace of gameplay is intentionally meandering. While you''re trotting along through the wetlands, countryside, and forests in RDR2, there are a lot of hidden areas to discover.

There are a wide range of interesting topics to explore in the game, some supernatural, some historical, and others are just hilarious cosmetics. Several of these things are weapons, as well, and a wide range of weapons to be discovered, customized, and upgraded. So in an effort to help you, here''s a few Red Dead Redemption 2 spots you may have missed.

Kim Dailey''s updated January 6, 2022 update: Fans have been playing Rockstar Games'' hit sequel long enough to understand the majority of RDR2''s secrets. However, some players have struggled to discover some of Red Dead 2''s secrets, despite our extensive guide to help them get the most out of the game. We''ve also included custom maps for direct reference to each hidden location.

At The Aberdeen Pig Farm, there are 30 bandit siblings.

The Aberdeen Pig Farm is one of the most uneasy hidden areas in the game. As you ride by the farm, a handsome portly man speaks to you, simply wanting to express some hospitality to a stranger. He and his "wife" then bring you inside and make you a satisfying home-cooked meal.

As soon as Arthur gets out of his room, he stumbles into a hole in the ground with his entire money gone. It turns out the couple are actually brother and sister, and they have robbed every passerby for years. Thankfully, you can go back and recover your lost money while also taking out your vengeance.

How to find the Aberdeen Pig Farm: Follow the train tracks north of the "B" in Bluewater Marsh.The northbound road you reach will take you to the Aberdeen Pig Farm''''s driveway.
How to retrieve your stolen money: Return to the Aberdeen Pig Farm and kill the Aberdeens.Examine the painting of the old woman near the front door.Retrieve your stolen loot from the hidden cabinet.

The Hidden Stuffed Gorilla in Big Valley is 29 times more visible.

In the Big Valley, a huge primate is found at the bottom of a ravine. And inside that broken crate is...a gorilla? It is true that this is a strange secret location in RDR2, although no one has any knowledge about what this gorilla is.

It appears to be on a pedestal, and it is most likely stuffed. Of all the things to include, why is it a gorilla? King Kong DLC is basically confirmed.

How to find the stuffed gorilla:
Locate the ravine just south of the "Y" in Big Valley.
When you cross two wooden bridges examine the ravines underneath.
You''''ll see a broken crate and other debris down one of the ravines.

28 In the Grizzlies, you may find the Mountain Monk meditating.

The Grizzlies are a great location to hike and burn some calories in RDR2, which is courtesy of tall and treacherous mountains. These are apparently home to some stereotypical Shaolin monks.

Players can stumble upon a nice old mountain monk while climbing to the top of the East Grizzlies near the Cumberland Forest. He''s meditating on the edge of a cliff overlooking a fantastic landscape. Unfortunately, he''s hyper-focused and wouldn''t talk to me, no matter how much I lamented him.

How to find the Meditating Mountain Monk:
Make sure you are there at noon in-game time to see the monk.
Climb the mountain located under the "R" in Grizzlies on the map.
Head south off the path once you reach the top towards the mountain''''s edge.

At Witches Hut, there are 27 drinks from The Cauldron.

A strangely empty tree hut is hidden inside the forest of New Ambarino. It''s honestly a very nice-looking house constructed from a tree shell, and it''s completely secluded. There are ingredients, books, a chest, candles, and a steaming cauldron.

I''ll just come out and say it, this looks like a witch''s house. Even better still, you can actually drink from the cauldron. Now it does not much more than cause Arthur to blackout and spawn him 30 feet away, but it''s still a mysteriously charming secret area.

How to get to the Witches Cauldron
Head to the hills northeast of Fort Wallace in the Grizzlies East region
You''''ll find the Witches Hut just above the "N" in Ambarino

In Lemoyne County, 26 people try and catch the ghost train.

In RDR2, there is a spooky specter. It''s probably not the type of ghost you would be anticipating in all honesty. This Red Dead sequel has had tons of surreal, offsetting, and downright unsettling easter eggs, so you might have high hopes.

This spooky specter is actually a ghost train. One you may encounter late at night in this area. Ghost vehicles have been a staple Easter egg in games for years, generally because they''re straightforward to create. Doesn''t make them any less harmful to find.

How to find the Ghost Train:
Head to the train tracks directly south of the "L" in Lemoyne.
Locate the "Welcome to Lemoyne" sign, indicating the correct set of train tracks.
Wait until around 3 am in-game time for the ghost train to arrive.
Camp and retry at the same time the next night if the train doesn''''t appear.

In Roanoke Valley, there are 25 track tracks down the Feral Man.

This lone wanderer is a gentlemen you can encounter in the woods in New Hanover. The man is completely naked and roaming through the forest. He''ll then shout and run away. Wolves will then spawn seemingly from nowhere and scare you off your horse.

If you attempt to chase the man back to his home, you''ll find a cave full of carvings and bones. This along with his mysterious wolf summoning abilities has led many to call this fella the Wolfman.

How to find the Feral Man:
Follow the sound of the Feral Man howling on a full moon for a possible early encounter.
Locate the Feral Man in the forest near the first "R" in Roanoke Valley on the map.
Be sure to pick up the Runaway Diary for his story but he''''ll attack you if still alive.
You can either kill or capture the Feral Man and turn him in to jail.

A Deceased Bear Has A Story Has Found The Antler Knife

The Antler Knife is up near the middle of the map to the left of the Hanging Dog Ranch. It''s not just sitting on the ground by itself, but actually inside a recently deceased bear.

Even if the bear was mortally wounded, it appears to be a woman under the bear who had previously fled the scene. However, the knife''s in the bear is relatively small, and it''s a fascinating process that includes quite the story.

How to find the Antler Knife:
Head northwest of Hanging Dog Ranch, to the east of the Little Creek River.
Activate your map and look for two corpse markings to find the bear and its victim.
Remove the Antler Knife from the bear.

Marko Dragic''s Missing Robotic Automaton is Tracked Down 23 times.

Another area that''s difficult to find is the hidden machine life built up in the snowy mountains. In order for it to spawn, you must complete all of the Marko Dragic side missions, and this is a requirement.

The machine life form is secluded way up in Northern Ambarino. It''s quite solemnly near the edge of a cliff, and the entire scene is terrifying and chilling, especially for a game set in 1898.

How to find Marko Dragic''''s Robotic Automaton:
Complete "A Bright Bouncing Boy" and collect the Electric Lantern.
Head to the far northwest part of the map halfway between Colter and Spider Gorge.
Climb to the top of the mountain and use the Electric Lantern to locate the robot.
The lightbulb will turn red when you are facing the direction of the robot.

22 Be certain to include the Civil War Knife in your collection.

This one is less spectacular and more historically pleasing. The Civil War Knife is located at Fort Brennan just north of the Kamassa River. Inside the fort, go to the first building on your left and find your way into the basement.

Inside you''ll see the Civil War Knive just hanging on a box with the Civil War Hat. Even if you''re not a history fan, the Civil War Knives look really dang cool. Even if you''re not a history buff, the Civil War Knives look really dang cool. It''s not the best melee weapon, nevertheless.

How to find the Civil War Knife:
Find the Lindsey Wofford Bounty Hunter poster in Saint Denis.
Head to Fort Brennand northeast of Kamassa River near Van Horn Trading Post.
Take out Wofford and his crew of Lemoyne Raiders for a nice bounty
Activate your Eagle Eye vision to locate the trapdoor that leads to the basement.

21 Have a Conversation With A Possible Bigfoot Hidden In A Cave

This is by far the most difficult to find. This is because to ensure that the game will guide you there, you''ve to complete a number of tasks.

First, you must have at least 30 different animals registered in your compendium. Next, you''ll find this random river area in Northern Ambarino. Follow a flock of birds you''ll discover flying a unique pattern over the area and they''ll lead you to a cave blocked by a large stone. Apparently, he was just too big and now he''s very sorry.

How to find the blocked hidden cave:
Register 30 animals to the compendium by studying different species with your binoculars or gun scope.
Head to the Calumet Ravine to the east of the Wapiti Indian Reservation.
Startle a flock of birds at the lake and follow them to the blocked cave entrance.

At the Viking Tomb, you can add 20 items to your wardrobe and arsenal.

To find the Viking Tomb, you have to go to the top right of the map. Hover what you call the "Roanoke Valley" and go a bit down and to the right, there''s a star-shaped area on the map.

The Viking Axe is once again included in your hat collection, although remember to include them with any of the collectible axes after throwing them. They don''t teleport back to your horse like hats, and you may lose them forever.

How to find the Viking Tomb:
Head south of the "R" in Roanoke Valley.
Locate the star-shaped area on the map.
Find the Viking Axe at the altar in the center.
Enter a side room to find the Viking Helm on a body.
Look for stacked skulls in the rooms that you can shoot to find the Viking Comb.

19 Find Otis Miller''s Revolver At The End Of A Treasure Hunt

The Otis Miller Revolver requires a bit of research to be discovered legitimately. You must also inspect all of the treasure maps from a wide range of hidden hermits (such as the one that gives us the Rare Shotgun).

These maps will lead you to a tiny cave just west of Twin Rocks, called Rattlesnake Hollow. It''s not possible to enter this area until you''ve completed a fair bit of the game, so don''t rush here. The beautiful, luminescent Otis Miller Revolver is inside.

How to find the Otis Miller Revolver:
Locate the first hermit in Manito Glade, directly north of Annesburg.
Kill the hermit and loot the drawers in his home to find the first half of the map.
Follow the Little Creek River northwest of Wallace Station to find the second hermit.
Kill the hermit and her dogs and loot the drawers in her home to find the second half of the map.
Find a hidden cave at Rattlesnake Hollow north of the first "S" in Cholla Springs.

18 Take A Moment At The Tiny Church

The next little mystery enthuses developers shenanigans. Right below the body of water called Lagras, a Bayou Nwa area, is a tiny church in Lakay, where you may stumble upon it.

I have to imagine that during a short day at Rockstar, an employee was encroaching on the size of the models in the game. They discovered that a small church actually appears quite secluded, especially when it''s all secluded like this one is. What''s even better is that you can actually walk inside and take a look at the tiny pews and decorations.

How to find the Tiny Church:
Head directly north of the "Y" in Lakay near Lagras.

At The Devil''s Cave, 17 people meet the world''s best roleplayer.

Players on the far right side of the West Elizabeth portion of the map may encounter a certain cave. This cave appears to be a bit unusual, as most caves in the game serve as occasions for missions or animal hunts. This cave appears to be somewhat empty until you venture further inside.

Il est vrai that the cave is house to Lucifer himself. Just kidding, it''s actually a regular guy, but he dresses as the devil and aspires to become the almighty satan. But honestly, that''s even worse, which he mentions himself.

How to find the Devil''''s Cave: Head north of Pronghorn Ranch and west of the Hanging Dog Ranch to the border. Enter the hidden cave entrance and follow the light to find the Cave Hermit.
How to access the Cave Hermit''''s lair: Find the stalagmite closest to the lit cave opening on the right.Sprint, jump, and press forward simultaneously to grab the ledge.It may take a few tries, but you''''ll be able to meet the Cave Hermit.

During the dark hours, there are 16 people who meet the ghost of the witch.

There are a tumultuous number of supernatural creatures hidden within Red Dead Redemption 2, including vampires, wolfmen, giants, mammoths, witches, and ghosts. One of these ghosts is the spirit of a woman who snuffed out her own candle after discovering her husband''s affair.

In the Bluewater Marsh, you may see this ghost around 2am, and it''s quite a frightening sight. The closer you walk to the tree where she''s hanging, the more transparent she becomes until soon, just as you''re close enough to see everything.

How to find the Ghost of the Swamp:
Head to the road under the "L" in Bluewater Marsh around 2 am.
Listen for a sobbing woman and look around with your binoculars.
When mist appears and the music starts look for the ghost near Trapper''''s Cabin.
May take multiple nights for the ghost to appear so camp and retry.

15 Meet The King Of The Forest, Tarzan, who is less appealing.

Tarzan, an animal raised in nature and living among the trees, has a different version of the king of the Forest. Up in the most remote area of New Hanover, there is a hermit who literally lives in a tree.

The hermit isn''t just a jolly old tree man as he''ll tell you to go away. However, it appears like he''s hollowed out the inside of a huge tree to serve as his home. There are so many hidden houses in RDR2 that would make great houses for Arthur, including the King of the Forest''s tree home.

How to find the King of the Forest:
Head east of Marko Dragic''''s laboratory, directly north of the Brandywine Drop.

Strawberry''s Secret Moonshining Operation Has Been Uncovered

Strawberry in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a quirky little town. It''s actually one of the larger towns you get to see until further into the story. The mayor seems kind and is evident the area is obsessed with its appearance.

It''s also surprising when Arthur discovers that the general store has a Moonshine still hidden underneath. It''s possible to discover it completely on your own and then take the extra effort to actually steal the remains from the storekeep. It''s a good reward for eagle-eyed players.

How to locate and rob the hidden still:
Walk underneath the porch of the General Store in Strawberry.
Follow prompt to peek through the basement window to discover the still.
Enter the store and aim your weapon at the owner to rob the basement.

The Weirdly Unique And Rare Shotgun: 13 Pick Up

The Rare Shotgun does not have much of an interesting story behind it. You''ll get it from an old hermit not far from the Meteor House. Cross the Brandywine Drop and go to the house-shaped square just to the southeast. Once you take him out, you''ll get free to peruse treasures.

The Rare Shotgun, a shotgun that looks normal but is apparently rare, will disappear if you get beat before grabing it or leave, and return. Check the hermit''s nightstand for a nifty little treasure map.

How to find the Rare Shotgun:
Head East of the "A" in Roanoke Ridge.
Kill the hermit previously located at Manito Glade north of Annesburg.
Don''''t forget to pick up the gun or it will disappear.

The Echo of 12 Vetters Is A Dangerous Bear-Filled Cabin

This next one is a fantastic area mainly because of the cinematic you get once you enter it. There''s an abandoned house known as Vetter''s Echo in West Elizabeth''s upper left area, which seems a little strange. Of course, being the firearms outlaw that we are, we choose to walk in.

Upon opening the front door, a bear is literally attacked. Supposedly, the creature broke through the back door and has just been chilling inside the house waiting for someone to stop by. It''s not the most engaging of hidden areas, but it also demonstrates the ferocity of bears.

How to find Vetter''''s Echo: Head northeast of the "W"in West Elizabeth on the map.Be sure to pick up Lenny''''s silver pocket watch and Dutch''''s pipe inside the cabin.
How to survive the bear attack (2 ways): Go to the back of the cabin and shoot the bear through the wall gaps, but it''''s risky.Equip a powerful weapon and get ready to go into Dead-Eye and unload on the bear.

Two years before the first aircraft, find a damaged aircraft.

I was quite ready for an airplane out of all the things to expect in an old western-styled game. Considering the first documented flight was only two years after the period this game takes place in, finding this flying machine is odd. It''s up above the W.

From the crash, this would-be inventor walked off a cliff with his creation to test it. The most interesting part for me is that when Arthur writes a little note about it in his journal, he compares the guy to Icarus. I''d''ve never known our protagonist Arthur about Greek Myths.

How to find the crashed airplane:
Head right above the "W" in West Elizabeth, just north of the Devil''''s Cave entrance.
Walk east towards the Little Creek River.