Before beginning Atomicrops, we hope we can renew 8 things

Before beginning Atomicrops, we hope we can renew 8 things ...

Atomicrops builds up mechanics to create a game that is as fiendishly difficult as it is hard to put down, based on bullet-hell, tower defense, farming sim, and roguelike genres. With so much under the hood, and a tutorial that gave you the maximum benefit, you end up getting a lot on the fly.

While learning new things is a part of the process, some things are either slip through cracks you might never learn, or things that blind you and lead to some unfair game-overs. Here are a few facts about the game that will keep you all covered and protected, from the Nuclear Winter and beyond.

8 Merge!That!Produce!

The tutorial suggests that you may use fertilizer to increase the value of your plants, but it suggests that if you plant four of the same crops in a square formation and fertilize them, they form into a mega crop. This also applies to special foods like Heart Beets and Roses, which will give you a bonus beet.

While you may end up accomplishing all of this on your own, what''s even less obvious is that you can also do this with TREES, forming bigger trees with more plentiful and valuable fruit.

7 Sunflowers, How Do They Work?

Sunflowers are one of the most profitable crops in the game and are rarer than most other seeds, but you wouldnt know that if you just planted them and waited to water them as well as other crops, only for them to die on the spot.

Sunflowers aren''t going like other crops. You have a long period of time to fertilize them as much as possible before they die. Like every other product, the Sunflower''s mega version makes a significant difference.

6 Early Game Is Super Important

Even if you don''t want to play effectively throughout an entire run, it''s good to have the ability to get a bit of work done early on in the Atomicrops, which is important as long as you do it early on. Additionally, you may need to make recommendations for long-term gains in Spring, even if they''re not effective, like planting a single sunflower and fertilizing it instead of waiting for enough for a mega sunflower.

Early income implies better weapons early on, which implies less fights and more time on the farm, as well as more resources saved, which will help you win by the time Nuclear Winter comes.

5 Dont Rush Into Marriage

Especially in Atomicrops, courtship and marriage are quite sweet agreements. Every time you flirt with a marriage candidate between them at the farm, you get an upgrade and if you do it enough (at an increasing cost of roses), theyll marry you, netting a unit that can fight alongside you or assist out at your farm.

However, you may not need to rush it if you do, and you might be sorry. If the owners have the upgrades you want, then court away, but keep in mind that the upgrades they offer are every day, so you may stay away if they don''t have anything you want. Also, remember to keep an eye on the fact that they don''t have anything else to do so so that you may stay away from them anytime soon. Even if you do not have anything else, you will want an extra pistol with you during

4 Robusta = Hard Mode

Because of their differing load-outs and unique powers, all of the characters provide an interesting twist to gameplay, but they also provide a similar gameplay dilemma across the board. With exception of Robusta, who basically turns the game tumbling into difficult mode.

Robusta starts with a Coffee Addict upgrade, which speeds up the whole game, like enemies, bullets, and other factors. In a game in which the screen can quickly fill up with harmful objects, it can be quite taxing if your reflexes fail. At least he gets a drone.

3 Oregacrow is Something Else

Oregacrow is able to operate differently from any of the other characters, even in the degree that he is playing a different game, at least with agriculture and resource management.

Corn (or rice, with an upgrade), and he gets better seeds by merging and harvesting crops in ascending order of quality. In ascending order of quality, they are corn, then rice, then tomato, then oregano. Oregacrow is unique to his condition, and is vital in his progress and health. Besides, he has no heart beets, and his healing technique isn''t as powerful or reliable, but you have the option to get items and buffs instead.

2 Fighting Stat Is King

In a run, there are only two things to keep an eye on: fighting and farming. These are not the only ones that have a tracking meter, which you can see by the info screen. The fighting stat increases the damage your weapons do and how quickly you move.

Both statistics are important, but your fighting score has a much greater influence on how your game will be going. More damage allows you to obtain more resources, avoid damage and scale better into future seasons. However, if your run isn''t high enough, you should still invest in agriculture.

1 You Can Only Beat The Final Boss With Crops

If you reach the end manager and your farm game isn''t on point, you''ll have a bad time, and even the most powerful weapons will''t help much. The farming statistics affects your tilling, weeding, and watering speed, as well as the size of your watering pail, and how many scrolls you can hold.

All these skills are effective in your economy because the faster you can prep your farm, plant your crops, and water and harvest them, the more money you will make. These skills are applicable in the final battle because the boss only takes damage when you harvest crops, and the higher quality crops you harvest, the more damage the boss will take.