8 Boss Fights That Make You Play Hide-And-Seek

8 Boss Fights That Make You Play Hide-And-Seek ...

Today, traditional blitz battles have become integral part of certain video game franchises. FromSoftware has expanded into multiple franchises that span particularly complex boss battles like Elden Ring or Dark Souls. However, some boss battles have remained steady in terms of how to defeat a boss rather than going head-on with your chosen weapon.

Sometimes, an innovative strategy is required to defeat an opponent that is far greater and stronger than you, one that entails using the environment. These boss battles leave you no choice but to play a hide-and-seek game.

8 Ghostwire: Tokyo - Ko-omote

Ko-omote, the second boss of the main storyline, cuts a creepy figure with the body of a hairless cat and the face of a teenage Japanese girl. However, unlike the first boss fights and subsequent boss fights to come, defeating Ko-omote requires you to be hyper-friendly.

The boss arena has been specially designed so that Akito can hide in as Ko-omote turns round the ring. Ghostwire: Tokyo, which has a vast array of scary bosses, has boosted the ante by having you play hide-and-seek with Ko-omote as it wails and screeches inhumanly for its prey.

7 Demon''''s Souls - Dragon God

Demon''s Souls Dragon God has gone beyond and surpassing what you''d expect from a divinity, according to a one of the most badass and famous bosses FromSoftware has ever created. However, While The Slayer of Demons has vanquished several enemies far bigger than themselves, it takes a little effort to defeat the Dragon God.

As the Dragon God travels to the bottom of the hallway, the Slayer of Demons is forced to hide behind pillars, fleeing to the lower level to reach the next ballista. It''s clear that having a beast over 20-foot tall breathing down your neck as you creep around is crucial to the success of the game.

6 The Evil Within - The Sadist

From the start, Sebastian wakes up in a hellish realm and his Sadist is there waiting for him. This burly butcher, equipped with his trusty chainsaw and drenched in blood, pursues the protagonist throughout the game, with Sebastian having to hide most of the time.

Sebastian often enjoys a lifetime of experience of sneaking up and stabing The Sadist with a knife after multiple nights of hide-and-seek. He is finally able to rid himself of The Sadist, putting an end to the perilous beast in his hand.

5 Dark Souls 3 - Ancient Wyvern

The Ancient Wyvern''s health bar may seem a bit daunting at first, but this means The Chosen Undead must take a different route to defeat it. With deadly enemies along the way, The Chosen Undead hides in the surrounding ruins, dangling dragon fire like a pro.

The Chosen Undead takes a roundabout journey down a rocky construction site overlooking the dragon''s head. They hide in plain sight before leaping down, taking a page out of Assassin''s Creed for the final blow.

Donna Beneviento and Angie Doll of Resident Evil Village

In the face of this hide-and-seek boss dispute, you are effective the one who is tasked with seeking out the boss. The dolls around the room clap threateningly, poised to attack if you don''t find Angie in time. Angie''s own snide cackles reverberate around the boss arena as she selects her hiding spot in an attempt to deter Ethan.

Envoying Angie out is allowing Ethan to kill two birds with one stone. Angie has demonstrated herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the horror scene, perhaps even more than the Annabelle doll.

3 Alien: Isolation - Xenomorph

Alien: Isolation''s Xenomorph, a powerful science fiction novel, continues to embody this deadly, fast-impossible-to-beat monster. This silent villain is a cult icon in every sense of the word.

Ripley is seated between rock and a difficult place when you whip out your motion tracker and use it too much to help the Xenomorph track you down. And with lockers and tunnels to hide in, Ripley is forced to sacrifice her time in an attempt to escape the ship with an intergalactic, near-invincible beast on her tail.

2 Little Nightmares - The Janitor

The Janitor''s appearance in Little Nightmares is sure to guide you to run for your life. But, finally, to be calm and to hide in plain sight is critical to getting away.

As you pass by, making sure not to alert The Janitor is crucial, as well as making loud noises to keep him from touching his forehead. With his disproportionate body, a mummy-like face, extremely long arms, and itty-bitty legs, his appearance would certainly set you running.

1 Outlast - Chris Walker

Outlast''s Chris Walker, who has become a major fan of horror films, has grown popular in the gaming world. From the moment he encountered a "little pig" and tossed you from the balcony, Chris Walker described his place as a horror film.

Chris Walker, who is both adorable and powerful, pulls heads off of shoulders just because he can, and he does everything with a smile on his face.