Post-Credits scenes have lost all of their power

Post-Credits scenes have lost all of their power ...

What happened to the first MCU post-credits scene? After showing his superhero identity to the world, Tony Stark returns home to discover Nick Fury standing alone in the shadows. When Fury said, I was here to discuss with you about the Avengers Initiative. No one could have imagined back then how far the post-credit scene would go.

It''s one of Marvel''s greatest Ws, but post-credit scenes have become a liability. There''s no worse example of the Marvel formula than the usual post-credit scene, which has slowly evolved from a thrilling teaser into a sad parody of itself, functioning as a substitute for Google search bait for explanation articles on fandom sites. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has perhaps the most mandatory and unfortunate post-credit scene yet. It is not only to fuel hollow speculation about future sequels,

Although Thanos appeared to say and do nothing after already being introduced in the post-credit scene from The Avengers, it was beginning to become clear that a lot of these scenes are only being included because people expect them to be there. Since then, weve had a dozen more post-credit scenes, including mini-series post-credit scenes.

What Is the Difference Between Mike and Joey in the Homecoming post-credit scene, and when Michael Keatons met Mac Gargan, AKA Scorpion, in the Homecoming post-credit scene? I guess. We got a Sharon Carter setup in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a Monica Rambeau/Captain Marvel setup in Eternals, a Black Knight setup in Shang-Chi, and now, a Clea setup in Doctor Strange 2. None of these have been paid off yet

All the scenes I included off have occurred since Endgame, but they aren''t the only loose threads. Adam Warlock was teased in the post-credit scene in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and it will still be another year until the thread is revisited if ever. As a result, the fate of 616 Mordo is only vaguely assumed at in the film, as if the scheduled showdown between Strange and Mordo occurred on-screen.

There are also Venomverse post-credit scenes, which result in continuity and cross-franchise nonsense. Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home is a post-credits-exclusive subplot that shows Venom in the post-credit scene, despite not knowing who Peter Parker is, and immediately moving back, leaving behind a sliver of the symbiote. This post-credit scene also shows a complete narrative about the Spider-Man movies

Which brings us to the Cleas scene, which is the least popular post-credit scene yet. Strange is confident in his triumph over evil and his ability to stand up for him while he fights Wanda. It''s a difficult ending, but it''s a fascinating experience for another protagonist, who is able to stand up and fight for it. It''s a fascinating story that is reminiscent of the Sinister Strange that his Strange believed was too strong to become.

No, but the next time we see Strange, we see him ten seconds later, walking down the same street, apparently quite fine. Clea, a second character you googled in the theater bathroom as the movie came to an end, introduces him and delivers, through stilted dialogue, the setup for Doctor Strange 3. Strange then switches through a portal into a dark-looking dimension.

This is a post-credit scene that reeks of a studio-mandated approach, and I highly doubt Raimi even directed it. Why would he purposefully step on his own ending when it already provided us enough reason to be excited for the future of the franchise? I mean, there is no shade on all the Clea fans out there who have finally received what they have been waiting for all of these years, but these scenes just don''t add any value to the film.

We don''t need post-credit scenes, so the Batman didn''t have one, and no one wrote angry tweet threads about it. When the movie ended, we all left. I would rather have no post-credit scene than a phoned-in one. If they''re not as good as a beloved character from a different franchise, I''ll think we need to see them.