I'm still getting rid of the Volt, which I've received

I'm still getting rid of the Volt, which I've received ...

Season 13 of Apex Legends will be a great season. With the Flatline returning from exile in the Crafter and the (heavily nerfed) Spitfire returning to floor loot from the Care Package, everyone and their mothers will be running heavy weapons. The Rampage remains in rotation, and the Wingman is still the greatest choice for players who have improved their ability to click heads. Heavy, heavy, and heavy.

If your body you loot is only carrying heavy ammo, it''s important to switch out for the Flatline before too long. I''m not sure how many heavy weapons in rotation, but that the Volt is still in the care package.

If you want to pick up a SMG, you have to choose between the R99 and the CAR. The latter has improved things since its release, and will continue to due to the reliance on big ammo this season. Did I mention that already? This issue, however, would be resolved as well as many others.

The Volt behaves quite differently to the R99 and CAR, adding more damage per energy round, although a slower rate of fire. This allows players to choose from the different types of weapons on the ground, but also the types of ammo that they will encounter in opponents loot boxes.

For the moment, it is certainly worth using an energy weapon. While a Havoc or Devotion can be deadly, you will often have to overload your ammo throughout a match, even if you have to. No, the Triple Take may change this, and offers players the option to gain energy ammo for whatever they choose. No, the Spitfire is also a weapon that requires great ammo.

The main reason to reintroduce the Volt from the Care Package is because it is the best pistol in the game. It may not do the most damage, but it might not grab the one-shot kills that the Kraber can manage (though that''s certainly debatable now after its recent nerf), but it''s the greatest. Let me tell you the truth.

First, its a gentle recoil technique that allows you to avoid being burned in your hands. The Havoc can shred more when its charged up, but both attempts to escape your clutches as every second passes. Using the Devotion is like trying to slap an alligator with a machine gun, tugging on its tail to trigger the trigger, and raking it up more. Honestly, I am surprised that the Devotion does not turn around and try to bite your hands off when you

The Volt feels smooth out of the recoil, but it also benefits from the gentle recoil, and it provides a lot more effect to it. The energy rounds improve in size as they rapidly hit your enemies. It doesnt have a sharp crack of light ammo or the brutal rumble of an automatic heavy weapon, but the Havoc and Devotion are so slow that the whir of the barrel overwhelms any satisfactory sounds.

The Volt has the best weapon skin in the game. Not from a competitive, pay-to-win perspective, but the most beautiful skin. The pale blue sculpted clouds of the Dream Weaver aren''t exactly comparable to any other skin in the game (although the new battle pass CAR comes close).

I''m putting a 2x Bruiser on it or keeping it for the most up-close firefights, but I cant wait for a Care Package every game just to use it. If your second package of the game is my first, my fear will be blown down. Oh my goodness, I''m sorry, but every time I get it, I''ll let you know. I''ll have to say goodbye to another Kraber.

I know it''s too late to change anything now, but in Season 14 I beg of you Respawn, please allow my child to be free. I want to use energy weapons again, I want to shred shields again. I want to use the Volt again.