Best Technologies To Research In Dune: Spice Wars

Best Technologies To Research In Dune: Spice Wars ...

Dune: Spice Wars features not one, not two, but four technological trees to boost your empire. Research on Arrakis is relatively slow, therefore it''s important to carefully select which Developments you select. A few are clear immediate picks, but the progression for the majority of the game will not be so obvious.

We''ve broken the tech tree to pick the best Developments to study right away. These technologies will provide the most advancement for your hard-earned Knowledge and equip you with the necessary resources to victory over your adversaries.

Dune: Spice Wars is in early access. The game, and by extension the tech tree, is not in its final form and may be updated. As such, the contents of this list may be changed.

8 Sand Diplomacy

  • Statecraft (Blue), Tier 4

By the time you''re ready to look into top-tier Developments, you''ll likely have encountered several Sietch throughout the desert and possibly even allied with some. Sand Diplomacy helps you accelerate this process by increasing the amount of you receive from Sietch trading and increasing the rate at which your relationship with a Sietch increases.

Despite their higher annexation costs, Sand Diplomacy gives you additional authority from Agents assigned to Arrakis Infiltration.

7 Local Hubs

  • Arrakis (Green), Tier 2

This early development is a great follow-up to Local Dialect Studies as it allows you to quickly learn about your increased capacity to annex Villages. Local Hubs receives 0.2 knowledge per Village per day, thus accelerating all your further research for free.

If you''re fortunate enough to annex and exploit Mount Idaho, this Development is the most economical strategy to keep pace with other factions on Dune.

6 Call To Arms

  • Military (Red), Tier 3

When it comes to Dune: Spice Wars, conflict is inevitable, so it''s important to be prepared when the time comes. By researching Call To Arms, you not only give yourself a permanent ten-per-cent boost to Manpower production, but you also unlock your faction''s elite unit.

Call To Arms allows you to recruit heavy military in your Villages, whose increased combat capabilities are better than regular militias, which you may not have the time to respond when the enemy knocks.

5 Spying Logistics

  • Statecraft (Blue), Tier 2

Agents and espionage are a crucial part of the game, so getting more Agents into the field quickly is an important step on your journey to global dominance. Spying Logistics doubles the rate at which Agents are recruited, which is a great relief since each agent takes longer to recruit than the previous. Try to have Spying Logistics finished by the time you''ve hired your fourth Agent at the very least.

4 Structured Warehouses

  • Economy (Yellow), Tier 2

Structured Warehouses creates a processing plant that allows you to use Rare Element deposits for Solari. These buildings are essential for your economy as Spice profits alone will not cover your costs. If you choose Structured Warehouses for your second or third choice, chances are there will be no Rare Elements near your base (which is its own issue).

Structured Warehouses can significantly reduce your upkeep requirements over a wide area if they are strategically placed.

The Smugglers are replacing Structured Warehouses with Underworld Contacts. While this unique technology still unlocks the Processing Plant, it does not reduce the labor costs of maintenance centers. Instead, it gives the Smugglers a permanent twenty-percent increase to the Solari they earn from pillaging.

3 Water Sellers Contracts

  • Arrakis (Green), Tier 2

As your borders rise and your army grow, you''ll need more water. This Development will save you the expenses of upgrading new Windtraps by reducing the maintenance of your villages and units.

The Water Extractor is available here, providing your empire with a total of fifty water if you claim to the Polar Sink.

The Fremen are replacing Water Sellers contracts withDune Wanderers. This unique development does not only reduce the Water upkeep to Villages, but also lowers units'' expenses, as well as increasing their already-efficient Supply consumption.

2 Ground Command

  • Military (Red), Tier 2

Ground Command is a vital step for moving your military from a handful of units patrolling the area around your capital to a professional combat force. It allows you to increase your Command Point limit and reduce the amount of resources you have for your units. It is also a prerequisite for Call to Arms, making it so vital for military who require a modernized military.

1 Composite Materials

  • Economy (Yellow), Tier 1

You''ll be able to select your first research from among the Tier 1 Developments in each tree in almost every game. Composite Materials is the first choice because of the reduced build time, which allows you to get the most out of the competition.

Your first Spice extractor and possibly an early Windtrap or Plascrete Factory are the reasons why you should invest in the building without the benefit of this revolutionary technology. For everything else, the discount is a necessity that outweighs all other early considerations. Before picking Composite Materials, and don''t look back.