Far Cry 5: 15 of the Best Perks

Far Cry 5: 15 of the Best Perks ...

If you want to stay alive enough to defeat Joseph Seed, you''ll have the appropriate benefits. Here are some of the best you''re looking for. Perks are one of the most popular ways to increase your character.

Far Cry 5 is centered around Perks, Perk Points, and fantastic weapons. While the weapons are pretty good, you might have the most powerful kit in the game, and they will still get nowhere unless you have the abilities to match it.

While it''s worthwhile to look at how you play the game and the factors you''re better at, so you don''t need to prioritize perks you don''t need. Nevertheless, these rewards will be beneficial to you on your journey through Montana.

Jessica Filby, who has been updated on 10 May 2022, believes that Far Cry 6 is a fantastic game, but many people will still return to the original one before to get that true Far Cry experience. After all, Far Cry 5 is a powerful storyline, which is both challenging and satisfying. However, such satisfaction can only be achieved with the appropriate weapons and benefits. Here are some extra things you just need to get a hold of when you can.

15 Harvest Master

In Far Cry 5, getting money is a bit tricky but it just seems like a pain to get a hold of for the majority. One of the most common ways to earn steady income is by hunting animals and selling the harvest.

Harvest Master comes into its own. The perk doubles the reward you receive when looting plants and animals. It also doubles the amount upon sale. It costs eight points and is available under Survivalist Perks.

14 Throwback

Nothing more satisfying than picking up and throwing a grenade back at the enemy who throws it at you. Luckily, there''s a flaw that does exactly that.

Throwback allows you to catch grenades, dynamite, and any other projectile then throw it back at the enemy. It''s great fun and makes you feel like a badass. It also eliminates any of your own projectiles. It costs seven points and is available under the Assassin Perks.

13 Sneaky Sprint

Far Cry 5 requires an element of stealth for certain encounters. While that requires skill to master, some players lack the patience to stealth their way into a confrontation while crouching. It''s frustratingly slow and many end up abandoning on stealth and just rushing in.

With the Sneaky Sprint trick, those boring sequences of crouching and moving slowly are over. This perk almost doubles your movement speed when crouched, giving you greater mobility and making it easier to sneak into the battle. It costs four points and is available under the Assassin Perks.

12 Fisher King

Far Cry 5 isn''t just a fishing and hunting game, but it can be a valuable source of income and a few useful uses. Fisher King makes those soothing fishing moments a little easier.

This perk will help the fish tire a bit faster and will also help you catch heavier, therefore more valuable fish. It''s a fun moneymaker that is different from the typical gameplay and is one you should definitely get if you like to fish. It costs four points and is available under Survivalist Perks.

11 Takedown Mastery

This is a great adventure for anyone looking for a sneak attack. It''s great for stealth and relatively entertaining to see when you sneak out behind an unsuspecting enemy and take them down without alerting anyone else. It''s one of the best features of the game.

Takedown Mastery is a platform that allows you to use chain, melee, and sidearm takedowns, thus encumbing a completely new way to play the game. This is great for anyone looking to thin the group before going in with fires.

It costs six points and is available under the Assassin Perks.

10 King Of The Jungle

When you go to Montana, animal species may be the subject of your existence. One minute you''re happily wandering along and there are some teeth in your leg. Alternatively, this trick is for you if you''re looking for extra income but you just cannot grab that slippery hare.

It essentially reduces damage from animals, forcing predators to ignore you if there''s another danger nearby. It can also make animals flee less often, resulting in considerable frustration. It costs six points and is available under Survivalist Perks.

9 Black Market

Nothing less than returning for your next quest and knowing you have no Molotovs left. This is precisely why the Black Market Perk is one of the best in the game.

You may get craftable remote explosives, Molotovs, pipe bombs, sticky upgrades, and even a special ammo from all shops. Unless you have no money, the perk will cost six points and you may pay it off.

8 Grapple

Most of these incentives are beneficial for certain skills, but they are rarely so important that you can''t play without them. The Grapple perk is one of those rarities. Without it, you''re not able to climb the cliff faces, which might impede your exploration.

Grab this gem while you can and you''ll never have to go around a rocky cliff just to get down to the lower parts of Montana. After all, it only costs one point from the Assassin Perks list.

7 Nimble Fingers

While a certain number of players prefer to go into a difficult situation guns blazing, it''s not always the best idea and can often make the battle end pretty quickly. So when you want to go stealth, it''s so important to make sure you remove those booby traps on your vehicles or destroy the enemy before they arrive.

It also allows you to craft items a bit quicker - it''s very helpful when you''re in a rush. Costing four points in the Assassin Perks list, it''s not too costly and worth having.

6 Ghost

While Nimble Fingers may allow you to get those traps set quickly, nothing''s worse than sneaking into a group of enemies only for them to hear you as you jump off a wall. This is where Ghost comes in.

When you''re walking, sprinting, or jumping off things, it will allow you to make much less noise. It also reduces the damage you''ll take from the drop. Ideal for anyone who loves stealth or sneaking without too much effort.

It''s a pretty expensive perk, which has cost seven points in the Assassin Perks list.

5 Leadership

Being a gun hire is a game changer. It can make you feel more powerful and will save your life on more than one occasion. So having two friends to assist you out is a no-brainer!

The Leadership perk will allow you to unlock an additional slot to allow you to play with two Guns for Hire in one go, but only in one player. This is just perfect if you play on your own. It costs six points and is included in the Leader Perks list.

4 Repair Torch

There are a lot of benefits that allow you to develop, modify, or disable aspects of the game. It can be quite overwhelming when you''re looking for the right perk for the job. Make the Repair Torch your priority.

This reward provides you with a tool that''s added to your utility wheel. It can open safes or repair vehicles, perfect for infiltrating a base and getting out quickly. It will cost you five points from the Survivalist Perks list.

3 Locksmith

While Repair Torch is a reasonable bonus, it isn''t without Locksmith. It''s easily the best perk pairing in the game, which makes it vital to getting rich and receiving loot without losing ammo or health.

With the Repair Torch, you can grab so much loot you won''t even know where to put it.

It''s one of the most expensive perks, which includes six points on the Assassin Perks list, but it''s ideal for a stealth break-in.

2 Additional Holster

At the start of the game, utilizing a bow is quite straightforward but it can be a little underpowered. So when you start noticing the bow isn''t as good, or if you''re just getting a bit bored, try the Additional Holster trick.

This perk allows you to have a third weapon slot, which means you don''t need to keep dropping cool weapons!

This way you can have your rocket launcher, sniper, and rifle all at hand. There is another flaw like this that Weapons Collector allows you to get a fourth once you kill Faith, John, or Jacob. So stack these two and you''ll be golden.

Additional Holster saves you 8 points, and Weapons Collector gets 9 points. Both points are from the Prepper Perks list.

1 Health Boost

Obviously, it depends on your play style, but most players may make themselves feel a little less squishy at the start of the game. If this is you then one of the first benefits you should focus on is the Health Boost rewards. There are four levels, so get some when you feel like your health is diminishing substantially quicker than you''d like.

Increased health by a significant amount can increase your chances of getting the greatest health possible:

Perk Maximum Health Increase
Health Boost 1 150%
Health Boost 2 200%
Health Boost 3 250%
Health Boost 4 300%

Grab these when you can. Each perk includes six, seven, eight, and nine points. They''re also included in the Survivalist Perks list.