Before Getting started with Metal Gear Rising, We Wish We Knew 8 Things: Revengeance

Before Getting started with Metal Gear Rising, We Wish We Knew 8 Things: Revengeance ...

After a two-minute video that teaches you the basics of movement and combat and a short documentary that introduces you to Raiden, you''ll soon be caught in a boss battle with the titular Metal Gear, which was previously mentioned.

You''ll be expected to dodge rockets and huge laser beams, run down a falling structure, and cut the mech to pieces, although you aren''t taught how to react effectively to light or heavy attacks. This quick sequence will be jarring for anyone who are unfamiliar with hack-and-slash games, and since Revengeance is so different from other Metal Gear Solid games, potential players might utilize these tips to get started.

8 How To Parry

In Revengeance, you don''t have a dedicated block or dodge button. Instead, parrying is the best way to help yourself. Enemies will signal that they are attacking by flashing red, which can occur either immediately before they attack or a few seconds later, and it may happen several times in quick succession.

A parry can be accomplished by pressing the light attack button and moving towards the enemy at the same time, before immediately letting go of the movement button. On a controller, you may be tempted to continue moving towards the enemy, but this will not work. Each time you want to parry, you must let go of the direction button or control stick.

7 Don''''t Worry About Stealth

Since Revengeance is still technically a Metal Gear game, it will often prompt you to remove enemies by using stealth. If you stealthly approach an enemy, you''ll be able to perform a sneak attack that instantly kills them. This may be the reason why you might be tempted to stay hidden for as long as possible.

Revengeance, unlike other series games, isn''t required stealth by any means. There''s no penalty for being caught, and you may kill any enemy in the game with enough brute force, so don''t worry if you''re not so greedy, just press for the merciless killing. In fact, the game may be more fun if you ignore stealth altogether.

6 How To Upgrade Your Sword

After every chapter, you''ll be asked if you want to customize Raiden. Saying yes will bring you to a menu where you can offer Raiden new costumes, upgrades his health and fuel cells, and acquire new skills and weapons. Most upgrades will assist you in combat, especially the fuel cells, but there''s a somewhat hidden option that will help you even more.

You''ll be able to upgrade Raiden''s katana by pressing the Enhancements button in the Weapons menu. This increases the amount of damage it deals (Strength), the amount of fuel it gives you when it hits enemies (Absorption), and the amount of fuel it consumes per second when you enter Blade Mode.

5 What You Can''''t Parry

Parrying is Raiden''s finest defensive option, but it isn''t the solution to everything. If an enemy glows yellow while they''re attacking you, then it means that they''re about to grab you. Because grabs aren''t straightforward, and because they make you more vulnerable to enemy attacks, you need a different technique to deal with them.

The Defensive Offense skill, which can be purchased in the Customize menu, allows you to avoid grabs by strafing sideways or backward while attacking. This movement option also swings your sword at the enemy you''re doing, so you may remain on the offensive.

4 How To Use Blade Mode

Blade Mode is one of the best offensive features; so long as your fuel bar is blue, entering Blade Mode (by holding Shift on the keyboard, or left trigger on the controller) will slow down enemies and allow you to quickly slice at them. In this mode, using your light attack will slice horizontally and using your heavy attack will slice vertically.

By hitting the small box that appears on an enemy and pressing the Zandatsu button (F on keyboard, B, or Circle on controller), you will strip out your enemy''s spine and immediately kill them. This move will also help you recover all your energy and health, allowing you to stay aggressive even if your health is low. This is an opportunity to enter Blade Mode even if you don''t have enough energy.

3 Experiment With Unique Weapons

Try purchasing a unique weapon while you''re in the Customize mode. These weapons enable you to execute powerful heavy attacks. Each one has a different purpose. The Pole-Arm (L''Etranger) which has been unlocked for the first time, has a slow attack speed, but attacks enemies many times. It''s also a very long sword-like weapon, and it''s best used to attack enemies in groups.

The Tactical Sai (Dystopia) which has been unlocked for the first time, is a single-target weapon that allows you to approach flying enemies and bosses. This makes it much easier to approach flying enemies and bosses. All of these weapons have the lowest cost of 10,000 Battle Points, so don''t be afraid to experiment. Keep an eye on their strength upgrades!

2 Look For Secrets

You''ll want to be tasked with a minute to discover hidden orange crates that can offer you items like health packs, fuel regenerators, and grenades. Those crates also may offer you Battle Points if you have a complete inventory.

Most maps will have hidden areas that will increase your health in the future, or additional Endurance Plus items, or new VR (Virtual Reality) missions, which are optional goals that give you Battle Points when completed. Make sure you check any suspicious side-rooms, since they may have goodies.

1 How To Fix The Camera

In Revengeance, you can touch the mouse or the right control stick, but it tends to move around without your input. Unlike boss fights that involve large mechs, the camera may be especially broken, because they will greatly alter your perception. This often makes the game a lot tougher than it has to be.

The developers implemented a target that allows the camera to follow a target. Using the target button, the camera will be locked so that the boss is always visible during a boss fight or so that the enemy closest to you is always visible during regular combat. Raiden''s incredible sword abilities are captured in all their glory.