Elden Ring Invader Hides In A Bush For Hours To Spite AFK Rune Farmer

Elden Ring Invader Hides In A Bush For Hours To Spite AFK Rune Farmer ...

Those who love to enter Elden Ring PvP will have likely encountered an AFK rune farmer. These hidden Tarnished have become the bane of almost every Elden Ring invader, so far as players were recently sharing ways to deal with them on Reddit. Many of these methods were quite creative and brutal, but one Redditor has now shared his more slow and spiteful technique that requires only a hint of patience on the invader.

Teasnarker, the Elden Ring subreddit, describes how they hid inside a bush for several hours just to prevent an AFK rune farmer from getting a paycheck. It''s when players get themselves into difficult situations, use a Furled Finger, and then go do something else while invaders give up or are killed by Defenders so they receive runes for doing absolutely nothing.

Teasnarker is one such invader that has become increasingly fed up with these individuals, so has decided to begin farming the farmers themselves. Instead of picking a nice big bush and using Mimic''s Veil, Teasnarker disguises themselves and bamboozles any Defenders who come into town. This reduces the amount of runes earned by the host.

Teasnarker went through this for literal hours, watching other Invaders and Defenders go by as they walked by their bush. Teasnarker advises that those irritated by their own rune farmer should give it a go if they have some time on their hands, implying that you have to select a different bush.

On the back of Elden Ring legends, Let Me Solo Her has been busy with his never-ending confrontation with Malenia and recently achieved his 1000th victory earlier today. Although the event is over at the time of publication, the vod is still there to watch.