The Top 10 Helmets in Fallout 4

The Top 10 Helmets in Fallout 4 ...

Armor and apparel are among the most popular Fallout 4 features. Hundreds of armor sets to choose from, along with many unique pieces of clothing, such as unique hats and masks. Most clothing has a stat bonus or effect that sets it apart from other armor pieces.

In the Commonwealth, on the Island of Far Harbor, and inside Nuka-World, you''ll encounter a tussle of different headgear, so you''ll need this list to figure out the best helmets you can use, and where you can find them.

10 Mascot Head

The Mascot Head is one of the most fun headgear in Fallout 4. It provides the head of a bear from an old mascot costume, but it''s partially destroyed, thus it''s possible to see the side of your face while wearing it if you''re looking at the right angle.

Despite the Mascot Head''s cool design, it does not offer much in terms of protection. When you wear the Mascot Head, you gain two damage resistance, but nothing else. The Mascot Head is located in the basement of the D.B. Technical High School.

9 Mining Helmet

The Mining Helmet is another headpiece that doesn''t offer much protection, as it only grants the wearer three damage resistance. Nevertheless, the Pip-Boy''s built-in light makes it worthwhile to wear in certain situations. Instead, you can activate the Pip-Boy''s LED to use the light attached to the Helmet.

If you''re sick of your flashlight being connected to your character''s arm, then the Mining Helmet is a great choice to wear in the dark. It can be found in many locations, but it''s easier to find at Dunwich Borers because of a surplus of mining equipment.

8 Tricorn Hat

The companion John Hancock wears the Tricorn Hat proudly throughout his adventures in the Commonwealth. Though it is not the most protective piece of clothing available, it gives you an additional meaning of Charisma.

For John Hancock in Goodneighbor, getting the Tricorn Hat is a bit of a challenge, but you either need to steal it from him, or he may hire him as a companion and remove it from his inventory. There is also a guide for John Hancock here.

7 Synth Field Helmet

The Synth Field Helmet offers exceptional protection from the Commonwealth''s threats. It has nine damage resistance and eleven energy resistance, which is quite a lot for a single piece of armor. However, it does not provide any radiation resistance, so you''ll need to get it from a different source.

Most Commonwealth members have a chance to wear the Synth Field Helmet, so keep an eye on them during your journey. There are many Synth enemies during the second half of the main questline, after you first entered the Institute.

6 Captain Ironside''''s Hat

Captain Ironside''s Hat is a unique piece of apparel you can earn in Fallout 4. It doesn''t offer any protection, but it gives you a one-point bonus towards the Perception and Charisma stats, which is quite powerful compared to other Hats in the Wasteland. It also only weighs half a kilogram, thus it''s simple to carry around without filling up your inventory.

After you complete the "U.S. Constitution," Captain Ironsides sends you his hat as a gift.

5 Assault Gas Mask

The Assault Gas Mask is one of the finest looking accessories that you can wear to reduce unnecessary radiation damage. While wearing this mask, you gain 15 additional radiation resistance as well as one damage resistance. Both for radiation resistance and the aesthetic quality, the Mask can''t go wrong.

By defeating raiders across the Commonwealth, you may obtain an Assault gas mask by purchasing it from vendors in the Wasteland. Armor merchants are likely to carry this item.

4 Commando Helmet

The Commando Helmet is a unique form of the Combat Armor Helmet, which is one of the strongest armor sets in Fallout 4''s base game. By default, this armor piece gives you 16 damage resistance and energy resistance, but it also has a massive effect that allows you a ten percent cost reduction in VATS.

If you prefer using VATS, then the Action Point cost reduction is a great idea for your build. Proctor Teagan has the option to purchase the Commando Helmet. The price of the helmet will vary based on your Charisma stat and benefits.

3 Mechanist Helmet

The Mechanist Helmet is a stunning piece of armor, but it also has a ton of great advantages over other helmets in Fallout 4. By wearing it you''ll gain a one point buff to both your Intelligence and Charisma stats, along with 13 damage resistance. These resistances and stat bonuses make the Mechanist Helmet difficult to match even with other DLC helmets.

The Mechanist Helmet is acquired bycompleting the main quest line in the Automatron DLC, therefore it''s quite difficult to compare it to other helmets in the game. However, it''s all worth it for its unique appearance and powerful benefits that you get with the Mechanist Helmet.

2 Disciples Bladed Helmet

The Nuka-World DLC is fantastic for many reasons, one of which is because of its limited choice of new armor sets. Fallout 4''s Disciples Armor is one of the most powerful gear sets, and the helmet is no different. The Disciples Bladed Helmet has 14 damage resistance and 16 energy resistance.

If that isn''t enough to convince you, then you may also take a look at its unique appearance, similar to that of an Uruk-hai. Nisha in Nuka-World wears this helmet, so you may get it by defeating her and picking it up off her body.

1 Recon Marine Helmet

The Marine Armor is designed exclusively for Far Harbor''s DLC. It has an incredible appearance, but it also gives you 14 damage resistance and 14 energy resistance. In addition, you gain a point of perception and aggression when you wear the Recon Marine Helmet.

If you have a high Charisma rating or perks related to bartering, you may purchase the Recon Marine Helmet from Brooks in Far Harbor on the Island.