Our flag states that death is a brutal subversion of Queerbaiting

Our flag states that death is a brutal subversion of Queerbaiting ...

Im kicking myself for failing to watch Our Flag Means Death sooner. My outward fascination with Molly Ostertag''s romantic comedy started when fanats noticed the beginning of the season, and the relationship between Stede Bonnet and Captain Blackbeard took center stage. There is no sign of development yet despite this being one of the most progressive mainstream shows Ive ever seen. A crime I say, to the plank with you!

The relationship between Taika Watitis Blackbeard and Rhy Darbys Bonnet isn''t a cliffhanger to finish the finale, but it''s a major part of the show as both characters grow and accept who they are. Pirate activity - a usually masculine occupation known for murder and pillaging - is provided a deepened connection throughout the show 10 episodes with characters across the LGBTQ+ spectrum who are never afraid to display their vulnerable side. Kisses, hugs, and humorous conversations about

We often see key characters being relegated to supporting characters in tertiary arcs as they develop without compromise. Weve grown used to it even as more programs in the contemporary era like Heartstopper and Sex Education teach queer stories without compromise. If anything it knowingly pulls from fanfiction and fanart to create something that never fails to tug at heartstrings, weaving an eventual relationship we know is inevitable.

It isn''t queerbaiting, but it''s straightbaiting. Our Flag Means Death proves from the out that almost everyone amidst the pirate crew is fruity in some form. Characters who on the surface are glam, jealous, and gentle, often wishing the greatest for their fellow crewmates even when greed takes over. Im still waiting to finish the season - give me another day or two - but there''s a wholesome chemistry across the whole cast that I haven''t

Bonnet is a man who abandons his wife and children and pursues a life of greater liberation, where he may take risks and discover himself instead of being forced to a legacy he wants no part in. Of course, his extraordinary abilities and passion for fancy clothes and literature carries over, making him an awful fit for a pirate to face the Seven Seas. When Bonnet starts pillaging another ships bookcase, but replaces the ones he has already read I almost fell off my chair. The comedy is fantastic

He is a great asset as he gives his crew more time to love one another and perhaps avoid the constant love of murder and looting in favor of kisses and cuddling. This is why Watitis Blackbeard is the most dangerous pirate in existence, a figure who is so afraid he does not even need to watch raids anymore. The initial thrill of ruler the ocean has faded.

Bonnet resurrects that passion alongside a fire in his heart that shows no signs of change. Our protagonist was completely supposed that he was suppressing his sexuality, and is finally able to express those feelings when he finds love that isn''t false or arranged. He can be himself, but only because he is continually thrown into shady situations where he is forced to change. It is, and seeing them discover that through such a sickeningly sweet romance is so

Our Flag Means Death has been adopted so strongly by the queer community because it depicts the wide spectrum of experiences without compromise. It leans into the adorable cliches we love to see in bubbling romances while permitting them to be explored across several episodes rather than hurling them in a final to be addressed in a no-show. I hope the story of Steve Bonnet and Edward Blackbeard has a good future ahead of it.