With Jmw, Analysing The Final Circles Of The ALGS Playoffs

With Jmw, Analysing The Final Circles Of The ALGS Playoffs ...

At Playoffs, Jake jmw Walters had the fairytale ALGS story. Pro League with Kungarna. The last-minute call up to replace one of the world''s finest players. Arriving in Sweden hours before the first match began. Talking to your teammates for the first time, changing your entire career and life trajectory. By now, the story has already been immortalized in ALGS legend.

TheGamers'' profile of his super sub series described the pressures as intense, but Reignites IGL Rhys Zer0 Perry was instrumental in keeping things calm, integrating him in the squad, and thanks to this something clicked between the makeshift trio: it just felt good.

I scanned through the closing moments of Reignites'' climatic victory with jmw to see how they achieved it.

I start the clip just as Reignite is about to get OOBed (Out of Boundsed: when a Valkyrie team redeploys out of bounds, before dropping down on another team from height), and the first thing jmw does is make me rewind further. I approve, though.

Zer0 explains why he''s like, just trust me, trust me. And there''s a solo here, and he says, kill him, kill him, kill him. He glances, and I finish him off.

For this slice of action, watch the clip from the 4:45 mark, but this rotation comes just after Zer0 Krabers Kochi Lejetta Naoto and jmw take down Shotaro saku Sakata both of Team Unite. Luminosity Gaming removes the final squad member, and Unite, the only remaining Match Point eligible team in the lobby bar Reignite, is out.

Reignite can team fire the last member of Sutoraiku from the low waterfall wall on the right of the above screen cap. Despite him being a somewhat off-meta choice on Storm Point, the large wall against their backs protects them from Luminosity on the ground.

jmw, this is definitely good. And then a team OOBs and Sharkey goes for an amazing bubble. I gas them and it was fortunate that he TPs [teleports] away when I was just about to go on one HP. And [Cloud9] drops down. Now they''re on top of each other, but Zer0 is only requesting us to chill, chill, chill, and let them fight it out because he knows we''re in good condition right now.

Both 100 Thieves and Cloud9 land slightly away from Reignite and have to push through cover rather than landing directly on them, which would have resulted in a bigger problem for the APAC South team. Despite its tactic ability and Caustics Ultimate, Reignite maintained its position well, but continued to stand out against each other rather than posing a second push from Cloud9 immediately after.

The only thing I was attempting to do was do the best I could; therefore if we were dropped on, we''ll just try to kill them as quickly as we can. Don''t think about winning this game or don''t think about what might happen, but do the best we can in this situation right now.

It sounds obvious, but in a high pressure Match Point situation, it would be easy to take leave of your senses and forget the basics. Reignite done the opposite, and took Valk Ults in its stride. Sharkey did an amazing bubble, he perfectly wrapped it. I dunked my gas on them to be able to stop them from just pushing us, because that''s clearly what Caustic is very good at. We have the advantage of being up on this rock, which is a really

Reignite and Luminosity Gaming who saw the 100T/C9 fight from its high ground but couldnt see Reignite around the corner mopped up the survivors. It was now, however, that jmw believes they misplayed somewhat.

Instead of being on the next rock, Zer0 demands that his team stay put on the ground at the bottom of the cliff that has served them well until now. He wants to push late, and not even a Caustic Ultimate from WHO would change his mind. This is make or break, boys, he says. It was meant as a rallying cry, but Reignite nearly broke.

Luis Neazul Suarez delivered a perfect Nox Gas Grenade and the Caustic Ultimate dismantled it. It was awful, according to Zer0. Sharkey was downed, without seeing a Medkit in time. With a guy down and a fairly open rotation to the next available cover now with no Gibraltar to bubble them safely across?

We should have jumped to the rock that we played from immediately. Well, we could have ran out anywhere and bubbled and waited until the Caustic Gas to go, then return. That''s what we should have done, but they believed they might tap it and just heal.

Healing through Caustic Gas can be a good strategy, but this Ult was so good placed that Sharkey could not escape. He had a cliff on one side of him, and the Ring behind jmw believes the only choice would be to bubble in the open and wait it out, but hindsight is 20/20. Besides, that Dome Shield would come in handy later on.

jmw sneaks across the gap right in front of Luminosity, who would likely know that this was Reignite, the Match Point Eligible team due to their Caustic team composition. But then, Sharkey takes the gap with his Knockdown Shield as significant protection. It was more hopeful than anything else; maybe he would get close enough to offer his team a shield swap from his death box. But he made it across.

Sharkey''s obviously is essentially trying to come towards us. And then I was like, Can we punch him? Obviously, when you have a Knockdown Shield up, it does not work as you see here [at the 7:20 mark], it does not work. I think it was appropriate to do so, holding the shield up.

The Gibraltar Crossing might be subject of significant debate in the coming hours, but it turns out that Luminosity simply didn''t have the ammo to thirst the ruined Gibraltar. On the ALGS livestream, viewers could see that Neazul had used every round of heavy ammo he had, Saul GhanjaMen Ocampo Plascencia had 40 rounds, and Jacobo NMEgo Rios had just 15. The decision to all run heavy weapons was a

All three members of Reignite were in a good position, and jmw wasted no time relocating Sharkey to his feet. Hed placed some Caustic Barrels for cover as Sharkey was crossing, and Zer0 requested additional assistance. This would have been for nothing. But jmws immediately called in a mobile Respawn Beacon, and Sharkey was up. One second of the shots was fired off the shield.

Reignite was forced to drop onto OpTic as the Ring closed in, and Sharkey added to the explosion with an Orbital Bombardment. At this point, Reignite used his Caustic Barrels cleverly, putting them in the no mans land, which he could use as cover. Im trying to chuck out as many Caustic Barrels as I can to give us any sort of cover.

Zer0 tells his squad to chill, jmw tells me. In a moment like this, I wonder whether it''s possible. Were all just chill, he says. It didn''t feel nervous at all.

OpTic falls. Neazul of Luminosity was the last man standing between Reignite and the Playoffs trophy, but his shields and health were hugely diminished as a result of the struggle. RIG pushed with almost telepathic precision. Last man! jmw shouts on the comms, his voice almost cracking with joy.

Every time that that third team died, everybody''s heartbeat nabbed, because we only knew we won.

Neazul, who had no chance at this point, was like sharks who had smelled blood. Reignite had the scent of the Playoff trophy, and a battered Caustic wasnt going to stop them. The final murder confirmed it.

I''m sure that his attitude will come true. I''ve discovered how much joy and joy Reignites faces in the arena. I''m sure it''s been a fantastic experience that I''ll never forget. It''s been a fantastic experience that I''m never sure I''ll ever forget. Along with Zer0s and Sharkeys, I''ll admit that it''s been a fantastic experience. It''s been a great experience that I''m not sure I''ll ever forget. I

As he holds his heart, the ALGS broadcast zooms in on the shock blow across IGL Zer0s face. That shot right there, says jmw. Zer0s expression speaks for them all.

The trust that jmw and Sharkey earned in Zer0s calls was what provided them the match. From the start his IGL called trust me, trust me, and jmw was with him every step of the way. For two players who spoke for the first time three days before, this level of trust so quickly is impressive. Even if some in hindsight could have been played better, jmw believes it.

Reignite earned the day by allowing the Zer0s early Kraber shots and later positioning. Both candidates argued that Caustic gas is used as a cover or a defensive deterrent. Some will maintain that they were lucky, but there was a lot more to them.