During the Subathon, a Twitch streamer almost sets a kitchen on fire

During the Subathon, a Twitch streamer almost sets a kitchen on fire ...

Subathons have become quite popular on Twitch. If you''re yet to hit the mark, a subathon is a live stream, which will extend the length of the subathon once a spectator makes one. Like Kelly kjanecaron Caron said, the length of the subathon can be extended for as long as viewers continue to make one. These streams can be almost anywhere, and kjanecaron is willing to cook.

As kjanecaron''s kitchen filled with smoke, things didn''t appear to be going all that well, so the streamer removed the flames, which explained why she was considering putting the fire out with water. As noted by dexerto, the water was fired.

She was forced to move the pan around, causing flames to flick out of the pan and onto several other areas of her kitchen. Since the stream continued, kjanecaron received immediate help. Thankfully, the damage appears to be minimal.

The reactions to kjanecaron''s kitchen fire have been mixed. Almost everything on the internet, plenty of people, whether they were watching live or not, have rushed in to clarify what she did wrong. Attempting to evacuate an oil fire with water, waving the pan around, etc. Others have been more appreciative, revealing logic often out the window when you''re in a situation like that.

Highlighting what she did wrong and what you would have done right is equivalent to doing better than a competitor on a game show when you''re watching at home. It''s much more difficult when the studio lights are on you, or in this instance when your house is at risk of burning down. Perhaps it will encourage others not to extinguish an oil fire with water.