Contractors with BioWare can now work on Dragon Age 4 from home

Contractors with BioWare can now work on Dragon Age 4 from home ...

Keywords, a support company at BioWare, has changed its mind about a controversial policy that required contractors to return to the office. As other full-time employees can continue to work from home, so so can contractors.

Keyword contractors received an email from the company confirming that they make work from home "until further notice," according to the Verge. The studio previously planned to return to in-office work on May 9; it previously worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda as well as Anthem.

During interviews, contractors stated they were "struggling to make ends meet" due to low pay while non-contracted employees increased their salary. Even as non-contractors and BioWare employees continued to work from home, these were reported. Keywords was to hold a unionization vote on a daily basis.

Keywords contractors petitioned the Alberta Labor Relations Board for a unionization vote, and that petition was accepted, and they are now voting by mail in ballot to form a union.

The Alberta Labor Relations Board has increased the vote for Keywords to include all employees working in Alberta rather than those supporting BioWare Edmonton. This will increase the vote by two more ballots.

Raven Software is being sued by QA testers for representation for months. Activision has seemingly spared no expense to prevent a union from forming at Raven, including by allegedly telling contractors that voting to unionize might impede game development and affect promotions and pay.