In the Anniversary Livestream, Alan Wake 2 Concept Art has been revealed

In the Anniversary Livestream, Alan Wake 2 Concept Art has been revealed ...

Alan Wake''s birthday is this Saturday, and instead of making journalists work on the weekend, Remedy was kind enough to host their first anniversary presentation today. According to Alan Wake''s voice actor Matthew Poretta and character model Ilkka Villi, there''s also a lot of information about Alan Wake''s development, including what''s going on in Alan Wake.

Alan Wake Remastered was first introduced on the Nintendo Switch, which confirms an ESRB rating from last year. Lake declined to say when the remastered Alan Wake would hit the Switch, but judging by the game''s framerate, it''s still going to be several months at least.

Following the teaser reception at last year''s The Game Awards (where Ilkka was often mistaken for Jake Guillinghall), Lake confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will be a "new genre" for Remedy that "simply intrusive" in the horror aspects of it, but also considering the character''s depth.

Ilkka said that he''s no longer cool in the sequel, saying that where Alan Wake of the original game was described as "terrified but cool."

Alan Wake 2. There''s Alan on a rooftop, a rainforest at night, a creepy grandma knitting a scarf made out of entrails, and Alan Wake at a payphone.

Alan Wake 2 is expected to be available in 2023, with Remedy promising further details this summer. Lake unfortunately had to temper expectations during the stream, declaring completely that we will not have a demo.

"Everything is going fantastic." "We''ve been talking the past couple of months, and we''ve agreed that we will not be showing anything big this summer," said Lake. "We want to make sure that we are developing the best possible experience and the best first survival horror game for Remedy. We don''t intend to pivot the team away from that focus to develop a demo right now."

Some behind-the-scenes footage of Alan Wake 2''s development can be found in the full presentation in the video above.