Tips and Tricks for the King of the Hill in Halo Infinite

Tips and Tricks for the King of the Hill in Halo Infinite ...

Season Two of Halo Infinite''s King of the Hill multiplayer mode is a staple in series, with Lone Wolves making a significant comeback alongside the brand new mode, Last Spartan Standing. Season Two also brings along two new maps, narrative events, and a new battle pass.

King of the Hill has been extensively revamped and is unrecognizable from its previous versions. So, whether you''re a newcomer or a Halo veteran, you''ll need some advice before you can, ahem, rule over these hills.

Overview Of Rules And Maps

This time, King of the Hill involves a series of zones your team must capture. If an enemy enters the zone, it will be contested and neither team will make progress. However, having more than one spartan in the zone does not deteriorate.

When playing King of the Hill, you''ll likely be seeing this map a lot in the caverns of an ancient Forerunner structure. Catalyst is largely symmetrical, with lots of catwalks and tight hallways separated by a central light bridge in the map. Make use of the Repulsor to get to higher platforms faster.

On a variety of other Arena maps, including Aquarius, Bazaar, Behemoth, Live Fire, Recharge, and Streets, King of the Hill can be played.

Three''''s A Crowd

Since this mode is about defending a zone, you''ll likely see enemy teams all hanging around them. However, having more than one spartan in the zone does not speed up the control bar''s progress. So, having your entire team huddled into the zone is left you vulnerable to area-of-effect weapons such as grenades, the rocket launcher SPNKR, and hostile vehicles looking to mow you down.

If you''re lucky, you may even wipe out the whole team, giving you sufficient time to win the zone for good. If you angle your throws correctly, you''ll be able to bounce them off your walls and get them into enemy zones without leaving yourself vulnerable.

If your team is controlling the zone and congregating in it, I''d recommend buying a long-ranged weapon, like the Battle Rifle. Every spartan in the game will be rushing to the hill, so you''ll have the opportunity to stick behind and pick off enemy spartans without their attention on you. Even if you only get a few shots in, that spartan will be entering a firefight already weak.

Race To The Power Weapons

While most players will go straight to the beginning of a match, you should get one of the various power weapons scattered around. Most of the power weapons will be highlighted with markers on your HUD. This mode means you''ll be close to your opponents, thus having a Gravity Hammer or an Energy Sword on your surface is substantially beneficial to your safety - as long as you have a good camp.

If the enemy congregates, the SPNKR might deliver an entire team wipe. And the Sniper Rifle may be a deadly weapon if you stick far away and pick off enemies moving towards the objective. On Behemoth, the Banshee may be a deadly aircraft as long as you can avoid the anti-vehicle weapon, the Skewer.

Flanking Is Key

Being head-on into an enemy-controlled zone is suicide. Invisibility is a game changer ability as you sneak behind enemy lines and take out a spartan or two before they realize you''re there. Avoid sprinting as this will put you off the enemy''s radar and they won''t have the chance to hit you first.

Most maps and zone locations have multiple entrance points. For example, one of the zones will spawn in the Tower Basement. You may also try to get through the two chokeholds on the other side, assuming that your enemies will have plenty of cover and know where you''re coming from. Fortunately, there are crawl spaces above the Tower that you can use to infiltrate the basement, sneaking up on the enemy. Most maps and zone locations have plenty of hidden, or not so hidden, ways of flanking enemies without just fle