Bloodborne: Things In The Video Game That Only Make Sense If You Read Lovecraft

Bloodborne: Things In The Video Game That Only Make Sense If You Read Lovecraft ...

FromSoftware is a video game studio that continues to provide. Bloodborne, which was recently released in 2015, was immediately welcomed with positive praises. It had the unfavorable gameplay FromSoft games are known for, and it has a completely different identity that somewhat separates itself from the highly renowned Dark Souls franchise.

One of the most amazing things about Bloodborne is its lovecraftian elements. H.P. Lovecraft fans will recognize the author''s influence in this game right away. It also appears like Hidetaka Miyazaki himself is a fan of H.P. Lovecraft. There are a ton of nods to Lovecraft books and concepts present in this game.

Ritwik Mitra''s updated on May 12, 2022, is one of the most popular PlayStation games of all time, although a lot of gamers are waiting for a PC port to come out. Every single victory, regardless of how small it might seem, has a big part of the game''s scary nature, owing to its Lovecraftian roots. Many fans of this author are able to understand some of the more obscenity issues.

13 The Surreal Nature Of The Game

Throughout Bloodborne, players become aware later on that they''re actually dreaming and are stuck in a darkmarish loop with seemingly no hope of escape. This makes the game extremely surreal at times as if some events aren''t real, even if the player can see them unfold right away.

Surreality is a huge part of what makes H.P. Lovecraft''s work so gloomy, with some of his greatest stories expressing quite oddities. It''s only a given reason why Bloodborne is so odd, given its features.

12 The Oppressive Sense Of Isolation

The majority of Lovecraft''s work is divided by constant sense of oppression and loneliness. Unlike regular humans, the protagonists are stuck in severe difficulties with no one else to assist them, with a few minor exceptions resulting in lowering expectations.

Players may still summon hunters to defeat certain bosses, but they''ll be in charge for the majority of their journey. This adds to the haunting atmosphere of the game, where players are sometimes unhelpful as they try to progress further in this challenging game.

11 The Implication Of The Amygdalas

The Amygdala boss fight is one of the most challenging and entertaining boss fights in the game. Although the fight against this otherworldly being in the Nightmare Frontier is still quite maneuverable, players feel dissatisfied with the version of this boss found in the Defiled Chalice Dungeons.

Although overcoming this massive boss isn''t really all that great an achievement. After all, this was just one of the many creatures floating around in the Cathedral Ward and Yahar''gul, which does provide a sense of hopelessness within the player - as is the norm with most Lovecraftian tales.

10 The Old Ones

The Old Ones, which is often called, are ancient extraterrestrial beings of immense power and knowledge, which resulted in their collective demise.

H.P. Lovecraft is a writer who wrote a ton of "Great Old Ones" with Cthulhu being the most popular player in the game. Many of the main players in the game minorly resemble what a Great One should look like, or at least how humans perceive them. That usually includes giant beings with squid-like features, tentacles, and smooth skin - the works.

9 Cosmic Horror

The cosmic space and the world beyond our own are all fascinating. It''s a sense of wonder to something so vast yet so unknown. It''s hauntingly beautiful...almost. To H.P. Lovecraft, however, there is nothing significant about the cosmic realm. It''s the most horrifying thing there.

Anything a human does that involves the Great Old Ones only leads to tragedies. This is the exact same thing that happened in Bloodborne, where they began playing around with tools they couldn''t control, and where hubris was present.

8 The Fear Of The Unknown

"Fear the old blood," says the oldest and greatest emotion of mankind. "Fear the old blood," says H.P. Lovecraft''s words, which echo throughout Bloodborne''s story.

Master Willem, the head of the school, always believed that the blood of the Old Ones was not the key to enlightenment, but rather its eyes that would enable people to see as the Old Ones do. It''s a quite harrowing formula, but he knew to worry what he did not understand, so he set forth to understand it.

7 High Insight Leads To Instability

A type of mechanic in Bloodborne is that if a character has some insight, they are also vulnerable to Frenzy, a buff in the game that reduces health to almost zero. This isn''t just a mid-tier mechanic, as it makes sense in the game''s lore. The more aware they become, as do many of the NPCs in the game.

The eldritch truth is that learning about the Old Ones and anything that remotely coincides with them will only result in mental decay.

6 Shadow Over Fishing Hamlet

The Old Hunters DLC, which starred Bloodborne''s Lovecraft influences, could have enhanced this fact in the form of the game''s final level: the Fishing Hamlet. This area of the game is characterized by fish-like creatures, from being the size of humans to being monstrously huge. They also worship an Old One who has washed up ashore like their own deities.

In 1936, H.P. Lovecraft published a short novella titled The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Both Innsmouth and the Fishing Hamlet have a lot of similarities. Both are fishing villages and they both have fish-like characteristics. Both are also worshiping an Old one because they believe the great being will provide them with nourishment and support.

5 The Desire To Understand Or Reach The Level Of The Gods

The two main factions in Bloodborne play around with the gods, but their methods and goals are quite different. The second one, Byrgenwerth, is a learning institution that tries to attain the level of the Old Ones by imbuing their heads with more eyes. The other, the Healing Church, apparently has healing powers and is looking to hold audiences with the gods to learn better.

While Lovecraft''s work emphasizes the dangers of learning about the Old Ones, he has written about constitutions and organizations that study and even worship them as deities. All of these are especially evident in Bloodborne.

4 The World Of Dreams

H.P. Lovecraft''s works have stated that dreams are both spiritual, large, and connected to something otherworldly. "Wise men interpret dreams and gods laugh," says the author. He also has a different collection of books involving the dream cycle.

Bloodborne''s Dream and Hunter''s Nightmare are manifest notions that transcend physical existence. It is also claimed that these realms were created by the Old Ones.

3 The Opening Of Eyes

Players in Bloodborne begin to see and hear things they could not before. As a result, less Amygdalas spread all across Yharnam, the arrivals of other monsters, the shrieks of an infant Old One, these are things that become visible and clear as granted by high enough Insight.

H.P. Lovecraft has one such story called "From Beyond" which involves being able to see planes of existence outside accepted reality. This is, nevertheless, another motif Bloodborne which was originally borrowed from Lovecraft.

2 The Moon Presence

The Moon Presence is an Old One responsible for the creation of the Hunter''s Dream. This is equally the Old One who sent the player on their quest to slay another Old One. Bloodborne is a vital part of the world of the moon.

The Moon appears to be regular at first, but it shifts through various stages as players progress through the game. However, the veil is removed, and the Moon hangs low, shining with a blood-red hue. This result in the unveiling of everything the player was once blind to, such as the presence of the Amygdalas all around Yharnam.

Someone in a Lovecraft story describes the moon as as terrifying and hideous rather than loved and beautiful. If that character were to see how the moon affected the world of Yharnam, he''d be correct in his fearful beliefs.

1 Gods And Surrogacy

Every Great One in Bloodborne loses their child and yearns for a surrogate. Due to this parental yearning, women become pregnant and acting as surrogate mothers to Great One infants. Unfortunately, women do not always enter these situations willingly.

Yog-Sothoth is the subject of one of H.P. Lovecraft''s most popular books, The Dunwich Horror.