Bloodhunt, the Masquerade's Every Archetype in Vampire: The Masquerade, is ranked

Bloodhunt, the Masquerade's Every Archetype in Vampire: The Masquerade, is ranked ...

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt is another member of the long list of free-to-play battle royale titles. It has proven to be popular among players, owing to its imaginative abilities.

The bread and butter of the game are the archetypes. A lot of new players will no doubt want to define what they consider as the best archetype, and even if it comes down to preferences, there are certain classes that emerge.

7 Saboteur

The Saboteur is one of the Nosferatu clan archetypes, and has the Vanish clan power together with the Prowler archetype. While Vanish allows you to turn invisible for a few seconds, you can also move freely. Do not forget that a good player will typically spot you with ease. A Sewer Bomb that you can throw, and when an enemy approaches it will detonate into a trap.

Because to the fact that enemy players are extremely mobile, the Saboteur is the weakest out of all of all the archetypes. equities incurred in the Sewer Bomb are expected to be significant. This means that they may quickly escape the poisonous gas and escape.

6 Muse

The Muse is a support character who truly shines when played in a team. Projection Dash is a testament to your character''s passing abilities, and you can then quickly die to that position. It is also a way to make sure you don''t use other abilities and avoid damaging.

The Muse, a somewhat weak archetype for solo play, is effective when used in a well-coordinated team. Even though healing isn''t that limited in this game, the Muse may be the perfect fit for you.

5 Enforcer

The Enforcer is a force that excels in close-range combat. Flesh of Marble, the clan power, keeps you invulnerable for a few seconds, reducing nearby enemies and alerting you to their presence. While that sounds cool on paper, the reality is that most people will simply avoid getting too close to you. Your archetype power, Unyielding Charge, reveals that while dealing moderate damage and silencing your enemies.

This archetype is decent, but requires a lot of research. In situations that ensue during combat, knowing when to turn invincible can be tricky. However, the lack of mobility will also damage, especially when trying to run from a Prowler or a few of the Bruja archetypes.

4 Prowler

This Nosferatu archetype also uses Vanish as its main capability. A natural hunter, the passive Sense the Beast will reveal the position of any gravely injured enemy in the vicinity. This is one of the best passives in the game, since no one can really run from you as long as their HP is low. The Scouting Famulus power will send a swarm of bats to a location, revealing any enemy that steps into the radius. It''s a decent skill that allows you

The Prowler is best used in solo games because it''s abilities don''t add much to a team game, especially since your chances of fooling a team of three with your Vanish aren''t quite that high.

3 Vandal

The Vandal, a part of the Brujah Clan, is an aggressive archetype that feels right at home in the thick of combat. This ability allows you to leap tremendous distances, making it a valuable skill when hunting down enemies or when trying to escape a bad fight. Your passive, Earth Shock, gives you a quick air dash, followed by a slam attack that will stun and damage your enemies.

The Vandal is capable of making quick work of any enemy foolish enough to get close to you. With the added security that both your active powers offer, chasing down enemies will be a lot easier when compared to other archetypes.

2 Siren

Sirens excel in mid-range combat, but your Kindred Charm passive will charm civilians. This can assist you in fooling an enemy into killing a civilian, revealing them to the entire map. This is the Siren''s second ability, and it also involves a modest amount of damage.

By combining your two primary abilities, you can get close to an enemy, flash them, and then make quick work of them. If you find yourself on the back foot, flashing your enemy and quickly dashing will make for an effective escape.

1 Brute

This Brujah clan archetype is capable of fighting enemies with ease. Besides the Soaring Leap capability, your True Grit passive True Grit will heal half of your HP when not in combat. Shockwave Punch is your last ability, throwing out a powerful punch that will not cause any damage to the enemies touched, while blocking all bullets within its radius during the travel time.

Both of the Brute''s abilities allow you to engage with ease and win most firefights, assuming that your Shockwave Punch is correctly used. Your passive is easily the best in the game, giving you a clear advantage in prolonged fights.