Alan Wake TV Series Has Been Announced by AMC and Remedy

Alan Wake TV Series Has Been Announced by AMC and Remedy ...

AMC is directing a sequel to Remedy Entertainment''s Control DLC and now a TV series headed by The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

Remedy announced that it was planning a program for Alan Wake back in 2018, but now it''s kicking its feet off the ground. This was revealed at the 12-year anniversary stream, but although this has found a house and news is trickling in, we shouldn''t expect any big announcements anytime soon as it has "a long way to go." There''s "nothing more to be shared at the moment."

"We were quite a while ago talking about the Alan Wake TV show," Remedy creative director Sam Lake said. "Well, AMC, the beautiful, wonderful home for absolutely fantastic television shows has bought the rights for Alan Wake. We have worked on making a TV show happen."

Alan Wake is a classic Xbox 360 game about a well-known science fiction writer who is awaiting his wife''s disappearance when she went on vacation to Bright Falls, Washington. But a novel he wrote starts coming to life, a novel he can''t remember writing. It''s also linked to contemporary horror films.

Peter Calloway of Legion was set to perform as showrunner for the Alan Wake series in 2018, with Lake to take on an executive producer role, but the project appears to have been reduced through either the pandemic or internal factors. Although the film''s focus is on theaters, it''s unlikely that the pandemic or any other internal problems will be heard later. We''ll likely hear more from the production as the program progresses.

Alan Wake isn''t the only video game that gets the TV treatment. Previously, we''ve seen the likes of Castlevania and Cuphead, including films like The Last of Us, God of War, Mass Effect, and Twisted Metal. However, it remains to be seen whether or not any of these are equally acceptable than their movie counterparts.