Which Is The Best Zelda Game on Switch? Link's Awakening vs. Breath Of The Wild: Which Is The Best Zelda Game on Switch?

Which Is The Best Zelda Game on Switch? Link's Awakening vs. Breath Of The Wild: Which Is The Best Z ...

The Nintendo Switch has a large number of Zelda games, with at least one game being launched each year since its first launch in 2017. Breath of the Wild and Link''s Awakening are among the best. The latter is an innovative open-world approach to the classic adventure series. The latter is a remake of one of the most popular portable Zelda games ever.

Both games have their weaknesses, and as a result, they''ll both be suited to different types of players, based on what you prefer to focus on. This list will show the strengths of each game, as well as comparing the two in order to allow you to select the best one.

Geoffrey Martin''s Update on May 11th, 2022: No matter which side of the debate you happen to fall on, both Breath of the Wild and Link''s Awakening offer delightfully fun and engaging experiences. However, each one of these Zelda titles is equally worth your time and attention. As every game becomes more popular, there are still a few tweaks to it. This list of possible uses is still being laid out.

12 Breath of the Wild: Movement And Traversal

Breath of the Wild offers players a much improved and steady movement and traversal system. This isn''t to say that Link''s Awakening isn''t working well, however, Breath of the Wild flourishes off of its ability to naturally transport you around the kingdom of Hyrule, whether by foot, horseback, or glider.

Even the ability to freely climb walls, structures, and cliffs makes it a breeze to get from point A to point B. There is only a significant amount of fluidity and kinetic energy to the way players move around the vast map. It''s not quite a matter which transportation method you choose, but they all feel very comfortable.

Awakening of 11 Link: Better, More Distinct Items

Link''s Awakening is a much more linear and focused project, but always manages to get you off the wrong track. Oftentimes, this game encourages you to explore in order to discover specific items necessary to progress through the overworld or through dungeons. Although Breath of the Wild certainly has a slew of items, many others feel simplified or generic.

Items such as keys, the hook shot, the boomerang, and even the Mirror Shield are all equally needed to proceed in the game. Often, finding a coveted item in Link''s Awakening always feels rewarding, despite the effort and skill it took to achieve it.

10 Breath Of The Wild: Content Volume

If you choose to enjoy all of the content it has on offer, Breath of the Wild is probably the most jam-packed Zelda game ever. It includes a DLC pack, including The Master Trials, as well as the Champions'' Ballad on the back of the game.

This includes a "Master Mode," along with five new main quests that add around 15 additional hours to the game''s original playtime. This is not limited to replaying the game on Master Mode. Even after you finish Breath of the Wild''s main story, you can explore Hyrule and keep discovering new locations and quests to complete.

9 Link''''s Awakening: Dungeons

The franchise, Breath of the Wild, has been renowned in many sectors, but the general consensus among many fans was that the dungeons were a major break. This is because to both the volume of them as well as the lack of originality in them, something that the series has previously been known for.

Links Awakening has some of the most well-known dungeon designs or puzzles in the series, but they feature an array of variations and twists. Each and every one has unique and fun boss fights.

8 Breath Of The Wild: Exploration

The expansive world of Breath of the Wild is designed for exploration, and you might even consider the Hyrule in the game as a character in itself. In this rich, dynamic environment, there is something to do and see around every corner, especially because of the options Link has available via the glider and Revali''s Gale.

From the towering Sheikah Towers which rise above every area of Hyrule, to the open-ended nature of the game''s narrative, which allows you to explore Hyrule wherever you choose. There are secrets around every corner, but you just have to find them.

7 Link''''s Awakening: Nintendo Cameos

Links Awakening is one of the weirdest games in the franchise, with a slew of surprises, including Yoshi, Chain Chomp, and even Kirby. Perhaps in the realm of Link''s Awakening Nintendo''s, all exist within one group? It''s certainly interesting to see some classic Mario enemies incorporated into a Zelda game.

King Wart has been eliminated from Super Mario Bros. 2 because of how rarely Nintendo recognizes that game at all, so to see him here is bizarre. After receiving 300 rupees, he instructs Link the ''Frog''s Song of Soul, and is never seen in the game again.

6 Breath Of The Wild: Experimental Gameplay

Breath of the Wild is a beautiful Zelda game in many ways, but most obviously in its gameplay. Link''s Runes allow some fantastic feats to be accomplished if you can master them, with some players being able to launch themselves across the map or take out entire camps of enemies in one quick sequence.

There are a variety of weapons to choose from, including some with elemental effects, as well as the arrow types that can be used to electrocute or set enemies on fire. In this regard, Link''s Awakening does not compare, adding to its much more rudimentary gameplay that is similar to the classic Zelda.

5 Link''''s Awakening: Narrative

The narrative for Link''s Awakening is fantastic, with its final twist leading to the most bittersweet conclusion in any Zelda game. Each character has their own unique motivations and dreams, making the world of Koholint Island feel three-dimensional.

During the game, hints about the real significance of the island are dismissed, but they''re subtle enough that you''ll likely only piece things together as the game draws to its conclusion. Link''s Awakening isn''t ambitious with its narrative, but the narrative it tells is fantastic, and it manages to hit every story fantastically.

4 Breath Of The Wild: Music

As you explore Hyrule, Breath of the Wild offers a powerful soundtrack, although you''ll probably miss it for the majority of the game.

The music picks up dynamically depending on what you''re doing, creating an arrangement of over a hundred different tracks or melodies. It may not be a hummable soundtrack, but it is impressive, to say the least. Just try to take on a Guardian and argue the soundtrack isn''t fantastic.

3 Link''''s Awakening: Boss Fights

Link''s Awakening has fantastic boss fights, with each and every person being a great combination of combat and puzzle-solving. Most of them make use of the dungeon item to defeat the boss in various creative ways, but you may tell that the developers had a lot of fun constructing the bosses of the game and testing how they might defeat them.

The final boss is the best of the lot, with six unique phases that see the creature known as "Nightmare" transition into six different modes, each with unique attacks and movement patterns. There are also cameos from Ganon and Agahnim in this fight, and Nightmare has clearly done its homework on Link''s past.

2 Breath Of The Wild: Systemic World

If you choose to do so, you may fly over Death Mountain in a minecart in Breath of the Wild. This Hyrule is heavily based on a systemic environment that allows you to use real-world logic to see in-game actions unfold. Trees and enemies can then be set on fire.

The game encourages experimentation, and you will be rewarded for participating, because no idea is too wild... It makes this version of Hyrule the most immersive yet, and is another way in which Breath of the Wild is absolutely replayable.

A Guided, Condensed Experience: One Link''s Awakening

The vast open-world of Breath of the Wild isn''t for everyone, and Link''s Awakening offers you the more refined experience that traditional Zelda fans are used to. Objectives are fairly clear, with some small side-quests across the island which you''ll naturally pick up once you play the game''s main quest.

It''s a much shorter game, with a completion time of roughly 8-12 hours depending on how quickly you play through the game. There''s a huge alternative to the slightly different Breath of the Wild.