Disguises: 7 Games Who Can Be Used

Disguises: 7 Games Who Can Be Used ...

The ability to disguise yourself has been a key component of gaming for years. It''s often seen in the stealth genre where you dress up, so most people don''t recognize you. Generally, a few individuals are able to see through your facade, and avoiding their gaze is a crucial component of these kinds of gameplay choices.

The act of pretending to be someone else isn''t just in stealth games. Other titles include the function either as a way to avoid being attacked or for story reasons. However, there is still not a whole spectrum of games that offer disguises. Fortunately, several fantastic games do offer you the opportunity to conceal your identity. These are just a few of the most popular ones.

7 Assassin''''s Creed Liberation

Liberation might not be the most popular Assassin''s Creed game, but it presents a few interesting ideas. For example, Aveline is able to do different personas. They also alter the character''s appearance, and people react differently to her as a result.

When she''s in her assassin persona, her notoriety will increase faster than if she''s in her lady or slave disguises. To make things worse, her moveability in the lady persona is very limited, and she has no weapons. So, it''s about choosing the correct one for the ideal situation.

6 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear isn''t a series about disguise-based stealth. Instead, you often hide in boxes, lockers, and behind corners. However, MGS3 includes a few disguises. You can dress up as a scientist, maintenance worker, or a GRU Major.

While you may wear them at any time with varying degrees of success, they are designed to be used in certain areas during the game. Depending on where you are outside, they will have a variety of sneaking options to help you blend into the environment, although your scope for inside is limited. After all, looking like a leaf would hardly keep you hidden inside a high-tech research facility.

5 The Judgment Series

Takayuki Yagami, the main protagonist of Judgment and Lost Judgment, is a private detective who often investigates murders. Occasionally, the character must go undercover by wearing a disguise.

The gameplay does not affect much, but it''s nice to see the protagonist wearing something other than his black jacket, white shirt, and blue jeans combo. Some of the outfits are quite wacky. However, all of the outfits do their job of concealing Yagami''s identity.

4 Watch Dogs Legion

You may recruit a wide range of different employees into DedSec. Just walk up to someone in the open world, and you may start a recruitment quest to bring them into the fold. So, a lot of regular employees can join your crew, including those who have regular employment.

If your job involves a uniform of some kind, it may come in handy. For example, a construction worker will join up with a hard hat and a hi-vis vest. These uniformed recruits can enter certain areas without attracting as much attention as they''re dressed the part. So, having people like this on your team might help you outlive your task.

3 Fallout New Vegas

You intercede with several factions throughout Fallout New Vegas. Depending on your actions, they will attack you on sight. However, they will keep your guns holstered if you''re dressed like them. Their displeasure for you temporarily disparates because they do not recognize you.

While some outfits don''t cover your face, it''s unclear how they no longer know that you''re their most hated adversary. It''s also important to know that faction outfits work as great disguises when you''re on the right hand.

2 The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is a sci-fi film, but its version of disguises is quite high-tech. They''re called Holographic Shrouds, which project a hologram around the wearer that changes their face, clothes, and even fingerprints. It''s a fantastic piece of equipment.

The device has some flaws, however, as it lasts a limited amount of time, requires identification cartridges to be used, and it only activates in certain restricted areas. So, you can''t spend the entire game sabotaging as someone else. In the moments you have the chance to use it, the device is unbelievable.

1 The Hitman Series

There is no video game series in history that is so synonymous with disguises as Hitman. These games have long been a major part of putting someone else''s clothes on the loose. After all, it''s Agent 47''s main way of infiltrating restricted areas and getting close to his goals.

He can often do other things, such as climbing over walls or picking the lock of back doors. However, he usually gets to his designated location by wearing another person''s outfit. Unlike other games, you may also take any individual''s clothing for the first time. As a result, the world''s deadliest assassin has worn many unusual getups over the years.