Walkthrough for Cyberpunk 2077: A Walkthrough for a New York Side Job

Walkthrough for Cyberpunk 2077: A Walkthrough for a New York Side Job ...

In Cyberpunk 2077, Big In Japan is one of the most unusual side jobs. Yet, the mission doesn''t initially appear too odd. It''s usually that one item is completed, thus it becomes the sort of quest you won''t see in most games.

While the shock about the package is the most memorable part of the mission, the task is also notable for being quite difficult. This is because finding the package and escaping with it is a challenge. This guide will make the whole process simpler.

Unlock The Quest

After finishing The Heist, you may begin the process. Talk with a guy named Dennis in Afterlife, who is standing near Rogue''s area.

As you go to the designated area, collect the package, and call him to obtain delivery details, he tells you that it''s a simple pick-up job. Accept the job and leave the club.

Find The Fridge

Check out the Kabuki waterfront, which is in the slums. Once there, find a fridge with a "No Future" on the front. The game has a large search area, but you must go to the shack closet to the water.

If you locate the fridge, make sure you pass it up. V will contact Dennis for information. It turns out the man is Dennis'' package. He tells you that he''s sent a car to pick him up. There''s also a problem for the Tygers as they''re hunting the man.

Escape With The Guy

At this point, you have to transport the man through the slums to the getaway vehicle. There are a few things you should know: For instance, you can''t shoot while carrying someone (unless you have the transpoerter perk), you fail the quest if the man dies, and there are jihads everywhere.

The side job may be accomplished anywhere you see fit. But a good strategy is to follow the path described on the mini-map with the guy in your arms. If enemies are to deal with, drop him and kill him all. Keep following this pattern until you place him in the designated car''s truck.

After he''s safely inside the vehicle, drive to the delivery center by following the GPS. Dennis will be there waiting, so talk to him. You may want to ask him about the man who just dropped it out.

At the end of the conversation, he''ll allow you to have his sword, which is your payment. The job will come to an end.