The Most Important Gaming News for May 13, 2022

The Most Important Gaming News for May 13, 2022 ...

Happy Friday 13! Hopefully you''re having a great day on the go. Konami will be considering itself quite unlucky, as it was quickly taken down screenshots and concept art of what appeared to be a new Silent Hill game that is currently in development.

That''s our biggest story of the day, but we''ve also learned that Sega plans to launch a bunch of games before March 2023, as well as a statement from Phil Spencer about Starfield''s recent delay. All of that and more if you read the book.

Konami Takes Them Down In An An Angeklagten New Silent Hill Game

As several leaked images walked around social media today, before quickly being taken down by Konami. It doesn''t confirm a Silent Hill game is in development, but the speed in which Konami has tried to cover this leak up does suggest its legitimacy. On top of that, images were leaked by AestheticGamer, a Twitter username for Resident Evil leaker Dusk Golem. All signs imply that a new Silent Hill game will be released, but only the time will tell.

Before March 2023, Sega will release "multiple" Remasters, Remakes, and New Games.

Sega has a pretty good year ahead of it as the company announced in its latest financial report that it will release "multiple" remasters, remakes, and new games before the end of the fiscal year, which means we''ll see a "significant increase in titles." Sega has previously announced two "multiple" titles, but it''s likely to see several more announcements later this year.

Following the Starfield delay, Phil Spencer claims Xbox needs to "work to better meet expectations."

Phil Spencer spoke with Xbox fans in a statement earlier today, claiming that Microsoft and Bethesda must "work to ensure consistency" that visitors expect. Spencer''s statement comes shortly after Bethesda said that both Starfield and Arkane''s vampire shooter Redfall have been delayed until 2023, leaving Xbox with no first-party games for the remainder of the year. We''ll likely get a couple of announcements during the Xbox and Bethesda''s concert presentation, but 2022 is

A Star Wars Jedi sequel will debut in "February or March."

Respawn Entertainment is still about as a buck with no bottom in terms of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel. This comes after Jeff Grubb, an industry insider who claims the game will launch in February or March next year. This follows EA''s most recent financial report that the publisher has a "major IP" that will launch in Q4 this financial year.

Activision Blizzard is developing a software that will rated characters on diversity.

Blizzard is showing how out of touch it once more as it announced a new diversity tool that will rate characters in Activision Blizzard games on metrics such as gender identity, race, and sexual orientation. It was developed by developers over at King in their spare time as a way to eliminate stereotypes while creating characters. Many people are dissatisfied with the tool, arguing that more people should be employed rather than developing tools for it.