Konami's Pulled Silent Hill Pics, according to a leaker, isn't doing well

Konami's Pulled Silent Hill Pics, according to a leaker, isn't doing well ...

On Thursday, a well-known leaker who goes by the name Dusk Golem received and shared several images from a supposed in-development Silent Hill game. The screens, according to the leaker, Konami swiftly swooped in to remove those images down, although the exact reason for the incident remains unknown for now.

Dusk Golem is an established leaker, revealing obvious details before teams announce them. After a September 2020 Nintendo Direct, he revealed that Monster Hunter Rise would run on the RE Engine. He also received information that Resident Evil Village was nearing mermaid monsters. This is, after all, and games that are now in development are subject to change. If a game does not look like this, then it may not come out.

Dusk Golem posted four images of what he claimed was from a Silent Hill game that is currently developing. He said the source was new, but the individual provided more than enough evidence to claim the images were legitimate, as well as a reference to SMS messages. So, like any leaker does, he took thisonly for the images to be blocked. He then took to Reset Era to claim that it was Konami who sent him the takedown notice.

Kotaku has reached out to Konami for information.

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Dusk Golem shared the pictures with Kotaku when he received a reply via email, giving him some further information.

Dusk Golem said that nothing had ever happened with anything else about Konami for the first time. I think they had just deleted it because it ruined some surprises, especially once people know what this project is (sorry, not going to elaborate as its a bit of a spoiler, and I think it would be harmful to those who are there anyway).

The famed horror film, which first appeared on the scene in 1999, has been dormant for a decade now, with the last film being Silent Hill: Downpour, which was unceremoniously pulled from stores. These photos, if paired with Silent Hill, are creepy. Two people are shown a hoarder-like room with trash, one of whom is standing in a sticky note-lined hallway, and a different one of a woman''s faces peeling back to reveal

It''s unclear if the takedown notice Dusk Golem received was actually from Konami. There''s the possibility it was someone impersonating the company, according to Dusk Golem, who last February tended to be Nintendo to abuse the DMCA policy.

Dusk Golem said the only notification I received was a Twitter one. They did their homework quickly if it was someone impersonating them. I did go through everything I could when I discovered it, and everything is correct.