The next PlayStation Showcase Event is over in June

The next PlayStation Showcase Event is over in June ...

According to new industry concerns, Sony might be planning a PlayStation Showcase event for June.

For anyone who loves the gaming industry, there is no news that June is always a hectic time. E3''s presence in June has provided a guarantee of impressive games and major game announcements.

This year, after almost three decades of E3, things have changed. A few weeks ago, the ESA officially declared that E3 2022 was officially canceled.

Many questions were raised in the air as soon as the cancellation, and it was up in the air if publishers and developers were still attending press conferences in June.

In all fairness, the event was already falling in the past few years. Due to this, some industry giants were no longer participating.

Despite their differences, developers and publishers still provided independent streams to showcase their games. According to speculation, the Japanese company will continue this June tradition with a PlayStation Showcase.

Sony may host a Playstation Showcase in June 2022, according to reports.

According to an industry insider, Jeff Grubb, there are already speculations about Sony planning a PlayStation Showcase event for the first week of June.

You should take this one with a grain of salt as with every rumor industry. Grubb himself stated that this is a rumor he can not confirm personally.

The current state of the gaming industry suggests that Sony might wish to follow the tradition of June announcements.

Microsoft has confirmed a Xbox and Bethesda Showcase scheduled for June 2022. As part of the summer game Fest, events are still going on in June.

While the E3 moniker isn''t released this year, there is still a lot of hype around the usual June announcements.

The company has invested heavily in its studios and might make some surprises for its fans ready for June. Last year, Sony acquired Bungie for $3.6 billion.

Rumors have suggested that Sony might develop a PS5 Pro for 2023, bringing a higher ray-tracing performance.

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