Joe Duttine of Coronation Street talks further about Tim's new health problems

Joe Duttine of Coronation Street talks further about Tim's new health problems ...

There are also spoilers from Coronation Street.

Joe Duttine, who plays on Coronation Street, has spoken out about Tim Metcalfe''s new storyline, which will give him an illusion of health problems after taking erectile dysfunction medications.

After Tim''s triple bypass surgery, observers will realize that he had intimate issues with wife Sally recently, and that he had initially been forced to stay celibate.

Tim and Sally will have a romantic night at Debbie''s hotel in the future, although he is concerned about intimacy, and he buys erectile dysfunction pills despite health hazards for those with heart problems.

Joe addressed Tim''s attitude by explaining that "Apart from the obvious, Tim feels like going to the doctor and being prescribed medication is far too bleak and bleak."

"Sally and Tim are very sexually active, so he feels a lot of pressure from the relationship, but he feels like he can deal with this problem on his own. Tim hovers over the caption that warns about heart conditions, so he is aware of the risks, but neverifies it."

Joe described him as "a typical bloke" and said, "he sort of ignores things." Adding that "tim isn''t the sort to look at the instruction manual for example he will try and figure out how to do it himself! It isn''t something that he thinks too much about because he is not that bright. I''m not certain he will ever learn his lesson."

Tim begins to get short of breath after taking the pills during their sleep in the hotel, which "throws a real spanner in the works."

"Sally and Tim have spent the evening in a spa and they have shared a bottle of champagne," Joe said. "When they return to the hotel room, they are snogging and things are becoming quite passionne," but then, as Tim makes his way to the minibar, he becomes a bit dizzy and sleeps.

"Tim instantly thinks" ''My heart is racing, what have I done? I am going to have another heart attack,'' says a filmmaker, who is frightened out and panicking, and calls an ambulance.

Despite giving Sally the impression he had, Tim confesses to him that he wouldn''t go to the doctor on his intimacy issues, but Joe admitted that he would not want the street to know about his concerns.

"It is something he is trying to keep to himself, and it''s why he bought the tablets in the first place. He doesn''t want anyone to know what his problem is, so if anyone else found out, it would significantly undermine his confidence. He would be humiliated and so embarrassed wherever he went so that he wouldn''t want to go anymore. It would leave him into a depressive state."

Joe said that he initially thought this storyline might help Tim and Sally come to an end. "I thought this storyline was excellent, and I loved it when I was first told about it. I thought this was a great storyline because it is taken seriously, but it also has a lot of character.

"I didn''t think it would spell the end of Tim and Sally because I think they''d be crazy to split them up, but I think it''s a good way to challenge their relationship and create drama and conflict between them without having any affair.

"It''s a fantastic idea to see how their relationship works through something as intimate and personal as this considering how sexually active they are."

The actor said the topic must be explored with a touch of comedy, and that: "It''s a show that requires comedy and powerful characters, and I think you''ve got it in Tim and Sally."

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