Nicholas Cartwright of Home and Away explains Cash's role in the Jasmine film

Nicholas Cartwright of Home and Away explains Cash's role in the Jasmine film ...

UK viewers follow up with spoilers for Home and Away.

Nicholas Cartwright of Home and Away has spoken with Digital Spy about Cash Newman''s quest to play peacemaker between Jasmine Delaney and her long-lost siblings.

This month, Jasmine had her world upside-down on UK screens, with Xander and Rose Delaney coming to Summer Bay and introducing themselves as her parents.

Although Jasmine initially wanted nothing to do with the pair, she has agreed to give them a chance. This is partly because Cash has encouraged her not to give up on this opportunity to have a brother and sister in her life.

The gruesome situation on Channel 5 continues as Jasmine struggles to know that Xander and Rose had such a positive relationship with their father Alexander in the coming episodes.

Alexander, who passed away recently, abandoned Jasmine when she was six years old and never returned.

Nicholas spoke to Digital Spy about his ongoing storyline. "Cash feels good about Xander and Rose being in the Bay. He sees the situation for what it is, which is an enormous positive thing in Jasmine''s life.

"I think he knows that even if she''s blocking it and doesn''t intend to talk about it, deep down she really wants to connect with her father in some way, and this is her opportunity."

Cash insists on doing the opposite while investing in it, carefully talk her into it and convince her to give it a go when she returns on the scenario.

Nicholas asked if Cash can understand Jasmine''s reluctance but said, "Oh god yes! Especially with the way that Jasmine''s father left her, he dropped her one day and never returned. There''s a lot of trauma that has been buried for years.

"It''s certain that Jasmine and Cash had thought that she''s dealt with this, and she''s okay, but when it''s been placed right in front of her, I think anyone might understand why that might be problematic."

Late last year, Luke Van Os and Kirsty Marillier started filming on Home and Away in the roles of Xander and Rose.

"It was fantastic to welcome them in. We love nothing more than new cast members at Home and Away. Everything has gone by, even though I recently came from no TV experience to working seven days a week.

"We all understand the joy and tension that comes with having a show such as Home and Away and to become a member of this cast with these incredible Australian actors. We want to give anyone else more joy when they arrive!

"Kirsty and Luke came in swinging, and I''ve both worked with them both heaps and we''re all really good friends, but couldn''t be happier to be working with them both."

On Channel 5 and 6pm, Home and Away airs on 5STAR weekdays. First-look screenings air at 6.30pm on 5STAR, and the show also airs on My5.

In the United Kingdom, select classic episodes are available on Amazon Prime Video.

On our dedicated homepage, you can find more Home and Away spoilers.

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