Married At First Sight Australia's boss claims it broke his heart to air this troubling scene

Married At First Sight Australia's boss claims it broke his heart to air this troubling scene ...

Adrian Swift, partner of First Sight Australia, says it "broke [his] heart" to discuss the unsettling scene in which groom David Cannon scrubbed the toilet with his wife''s toothbrush.

The incident occurred in a season 7 episode of the show; after the toothbrush was placed back next to the sink, David''s wife Hayley Vernon continued to use it for several days afterwards.

David recorded the act and sent it to his co-stars, all as a way to return to his wife for allegedly kissing Michael Goonan.

Despite the fact that Channel Nine executive Swift admitted in a conference on Wednesday (May 11) that producers would always try and demonstrate every major event, he also disclosed that this particular scene was one that he absolutely did not want to air.

"In MAFS, we never try to expunge anything that''s happened, and we never try to make anything happen," said the filmmaker. "There was a series of MAFS where one of the partners put a toothbrush down the toilet. "We''re commercial television. Oh, God. We''re not putting that to air."

"That thing was so fundamental to all the drama on the show for the following ten episodes that you couldn''t expunge it. It broke my heart to do it and caused all kinds of kerfuffle, but we had no choice but to put it in."

Swift discussed the incident with Variety Australia earlier, claiming that there was no way they could modify it out because at the time the whole cast was talking about it.

"We thought it was just stupid and mean and awful and undergraduate, just everything." But it was so substantial to all the relationships in that group that we couldn''t excise it.

"So we''re kind of like a fan on our own petard here. We put things to air that we don''t intend to go to air, but we certainly don''t believe all publicity is excellent publicity, and we believe it is absolutely possible to go too far on these shows."

Married At First Sight Australia is available on E4 and is now available on All 4.