Ellie Warner of Gogglebox returns as fans express her love for her

Ellie Warner of Gogglebox returns as fans express her love for her ...

Ellie Warner and her sister Izzi were back on Gogglebox tonight (May 13) following Nat''s hospitalization.

After Nat suffered severe injuries during an accident in Leeds, Ellie had previously taken a break from filming.

However, tonight, the sisters were back on our screens with their wits together and ready for some quality commentary on this week''s chosen episodes.

Ellie Warner (@ellie_warner) shared a post.

Fans also received an update on Nat, who got on the phone with Ellie during the episode''s first moments, which sounded fantastic and were revealing a mellow moment for the couple.

Ellie was asked what he thought of being a "shotgun marriage" as a result of referring to a conversation the duo had earlier that day.

"You''re forced to get married," said the savior, causing the girls to rupt in shiver.

Ellie smileily asked if the ceremony was a result of his explanation that the girl normally got pregnant.

"No!" Nat could be heard exclaiming over the phone.


"No," he said, purportedly.

It''s time for #Gogglebox. 9pm | @Channel4 pic.twitter.com/LF7DBaFYfQ

When an episode referred to a kid having to return home by 10pm, the sisters had a different funny moment of their own recalleding memories of their childhood as children.

Izzi was asked how her mother had handled them going out at night, and she got an interesting response back.

"She was too occult," Izzi said, ruffling her.

While the pair opted to go back on the BAFTA-winning show, hanging out and commenting on Made in Chelsea''s latest episode, they were still happy to see them again on screen.

"It''s pretty certain that Nat with Ellie can get the best bit of #Gogglebox tonight. Thank you for seeing him recover," says one viewer on Twitter.

Please see Ellie and Izzy return #Gogglebox.

Nat with Ellie on the phone is very likely to be the best part of #Gogglebox tonight. Fantastic to know he''s recovering. pic.twitter.com/ULrv0QkZ9Z

Yeah, that email address made me laugh. It''s great to see you back girls. x #GoggleBox #IYKYK

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