The Games, directed by ITV, has revealed the winner of Love Island

The Games, directed by ITV, has revealed the winner of Love Island ...

Wes Nelson of Love Island was crowned the winner on ITV''s The Games on May 13; Eurovision co-host Chelcee Grimes was nominated.

With drama on the previous episode, which saw Phoenix Gulzar-Brown and Rebecca

Sarker''s fury over Christine McGuinness and Chelcee''s overtaking the derny bike was recalled as the final installment of the show was filled with turmoil.

Among the celebrities was actors ranging from speed climbing to women''s powerlifting, as well as the final 100m race. Phoenix triumphed in the climbing with commentator Chris Kamara calling her performance "not textbook but brilliant."

Wes was once again the contender for the men, but Josh Herdman caught him by less than a second.

Christine suffocated during training in the women''s powerlifting, but it was Rebecca who won after initially recording a no lift in the first round.

The final 100m race, which included celebrities close on points, was crucial for deciding the winner. Especially for the women where Chelcee and Phoenix enjoyed a lively competition which engulfed in a ruthless confrontation.

Chelcee triumphed in the race and was first overall among the ladies, finishing in style with a shoutout to Usain Bolt and Chris Kamara. "She''s compact, she''s strong, and she''s a pocket rocket," he said.

Chelcee and Wes eventually won their respective first places (followed by Ryan Thomas and Phoenix Gulzar-Brown in second and Josh Herdman and Rebecca Sarker in third). Wes, Chelcee and Josh were all declared the combined winners, with Wes having surpassed us on 45 points.

Everyone was voted the winner on Colson Smith on the show, while Olympic gold medalist Daley Thompson emphasized his ability to swim.

As the celebration ceremony came to a close, Wes extended his words to Colson and dedicating his combined winners trophy. "He deserves this trophy."

"He has been an absolute honour to this entire competition and has been an inspiration to all of us. All of them have been incredible, we''ve been friends for a long time."

The Games is now available on ITV.

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