After season 2, Dwayne Johnson's Young Rock has confirmed his future

After season 2, Dwayne Johnson's Young Rock has confirmed his future ...

Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson. Obviously they are physically constructed very differently, and one is a wrestler and actor, while the other is a theoretical physicist.

Both have a comedy about their respective young years, according to Young Rock and Young Sheldon.

The publication also states that the sitcom does not provide huge amounts for network NBC, but that they do not have many sitcoms on the air at the moment, and Young Rock is their second most popular overall and performs equally well with the 18-49 demographic.

Young Rock isn''t only revealing Dwayne or Dewey''s early days, but also jumps around in time to focus on his early career and ten years in the future, where he is in the process to become President of the United States. Is this a point for him to obtain the top job?

During his long-distance stint on DC Comics, Johnson is finally making his big-screen debut, portraying Shazam''s arch-enemy Black Adam in the upcoming film Black Adam.

In the anime film League of Super-Pets, Superman stars a famous voice actor.

One project he will not appear in is the two-part Fast & Furious franchise finale, although he''s still fighting with Vin Diesel, with Johnson calling Diesel''s recent post to resume filming "manipulative."

Young Rock is available on NBC in the United States and on Sky Comedy in the United Kingdom.

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