Sarah Jayne Dunn, a former Hollyoaks star, admits to struggling with Mandy's narratives

Sarah Jayne Dunn, a former Hollyoaks star, admits to struggling with Mandy's narratives ...

Sarah Jayne Dunn, a former Hollyoaks star, once again talked about her departure from the soap, stating that she was not pleased with her character Mandy Richardson''s recent storylines.

The actress was dismissed last year due to her OnlyFans account, where she posts adult photographs. Speaking on the Drama School Dropout podcast, she once again reiterated her belief that the decision "boils down to something, like financial," and said other cast members have similar images on Instagram, but she believes there''s no issue for producers as there''s no paywall.

"I wasn''t really happy there anyway and I thought I''d have lived forever so maybe I needed a push," she said (from 21 minutes in).

"Not how I would have wanted it to happen, it''s not ideal. You know, you never want your name associated with being fired, but the love I''ve received, and the fact that I maintained my ground and I believe that I made the correct choice for myself and my family outweigh all of that."

Despite the fact that the actress would not return to the soap, she is disappointed that the character didn''t get a proper exit. Having said that, she said she wasn''t getting Mandy''s recent stories anyway.

"I believe that I needed that closure, and I believe that''s given me closure right now," she said. "I was really surprised by how many people involved with the character in the last year, but I was just a bit lost with her, figuring out why she had done so much. ''Oh yeah, I get it,'' she said of her. She then went to America, and she did everything she needed to protect her daughter.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sarah joked about how the writers had ignored the fact that Mandy was not divorced before her last marriage, and agreed with the host''s claim that the show has sex with actors rather than actors.

She claims that those castings aren''t necessarily a bad thing, as it has given people opportunities and a foot in the door in the industry, both in front and behind the screen. However, she acknowledged that AJ and Curtis Pritchard''s highly-panned appearance was "detrimental" to other cast members, as it made the show "silly."

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