Season 2 of La Brea includes series regulars

Season 2 of La Brea includes series regulars ...

NBCs La Brea have confirmed that two actors have been promoted to regular status as production is on Season 2.

Both Tonantzin Carmelo and Michelle Vergara Moore have been promoted to regular appointments for Season 2, in the respective roles of Paara and Ella, according to our sister website Deadline.

Paara (pictured in photo above) is the tribe''s leader who was at first wary of the latest strangers to fall through the light into their primeval world and approach her peoples fort. But as Eve, Levi, and others, especially Ty (played by Chike Okonkwo), who Paara became quite sweet on came to prove themselves, and as little Isaiah''s grandfather Silas evolved into the true adversary, Paara was warmed up to and allied with the newcomers.

Ella, meanwhile, is the grown-up version of Lilly, the lass who first faked being mute, to protect her sister Veronica. As the Season 1 finale came to a close, Gavin and Dr. Nathan tracked Ella down in the past and provided a sinkhole map that Dr. Aldridge had trusted her with in 10,000 BC. In 10,000 BC, Ella landed on a beach where a wooly mammoth was sauntered by.

Carmelos has written a series of previous TV credits, including Z Nation and Netflixs The Chosen One, while Moore has played on Condor and The Time of Our Lives in Australia.

Season 2 of La Brea, which has been renewed back in November, will have a total of 14 episodes, a sharp increase from its 10-episode freshman run. The catch is that due to the extensive post-production required on the visual effects-heavy drama, Season 2 will likely be divided into two batches, so that this TV seasons top-rated freshman series can still return in the fall.

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